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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To UNH

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To UNH

Everyone has specific reasons behind why they choose to attend their school. Continue reading to hear about 5 reasons why I chose to attend UNH.

Everyone has specific reasons behind why they choose to attend a certain college after high school. Whether they be about the food, the people, or things in between, there are things that just attract people to colleges in various ways. Continue reading to hear about 5 reasons why I chose to attend UNH.

1. The Community

Not only is Durham a quaint college town, but everything that makes up Durham is something to be proud of. There are so many people who attend UNH, and every single one of them is unique. Being able to walk through Durham and (no matter what year you are) meet someone new, is what keeps me going. I always enjoy meeting new people and it’s nice to have that luxury even within a smaller town. Durham just gives me a relaxed feeling and makes me enjoy going back to UNH after summer breaks or weekends at home because I know that I will feel comfortable and happy with my four year commitment to a wonderful community and school.

2. The Food

We can all agree that when we were college searching, we took the food into great consideration. I mean, if you are going to be living somewhere from August- May, you might want to have the ability to enjoy the food you will eat 3+ times a day. Before I came to UNH, I had previously heard that the food was something to brag about. I attended my orientation and was pleasantly surprised with the variety my new home offered. Everything you could possibly think of from classic hamburgers to herb crusted salmon with all the sides you could ever want. Assuming that your mouth is watering, I will hold off on the dessert talk and let you investigate (if not already) for yourself.



3. The Opportunities

Everyone always says that college goes by so fast, but you make so many friends and memories along the way. I have come to realize that the only way to get the most out of my college experience, is to take advantage of all the opportunities I come to find. Whether it be joining a club or sport, or getting a new job, finding ways to get more involved is so important and can really change your outlook on a lot of things during your college years.



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4. Student Involvement

Before I even agreed to go to UNH, I knew how involved everyone was. Now that I actually attend UNH as a student, I can see it much clearer. It’s so nice to go to a school where students are involved in so many things. Sports are much more enjoyable, new clubs are created quite often, and we can all agree that Bingo is a hit with everyone. I just really enjoy feeling surrounded by other students who love their school as much as I do, and aren’t afraid to show it.


5. Hockey

Alright alright, now I know this isn’t really a legit reason why someone would choose to go to any specific college. But if you are anyone like me, hockey is arguably the best sport there is. I knew that the hockey games were fun at UNH. But now that I am a UNH student and have attended the games, they are so much better. The chants get the students and players fired up, and the company is always enjoyable. The energy that roars through the seats of the Whit is what feeds my love for the sport and UNH.

Why else did you chose UNH? Let us know down below!
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