5 Reasons I Chose To Go To University of South Carolina

The short time I have spent at University of South Carolina have been some of the best months of my life. The people are great, and the memories are even better. Other than being an SEC school with amazing academic programs and killer sports teams, here are 5 of the many reasons why I chose to go to University of South Carolina:

1. Getting a “college town vibe” in a big city

Though it’s no New York or Chicago, Columbia is the capital of South Carolina. This means, unlike other universities, we aren’t in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. Being in a city means tons of restaurants, shops, and unique places to explore. Columbia ranks in the top 10 best college towns in the United States. We have some of the best bar life you will find at a college campus! Not only that, but it provides for lots of internship and job opportunities during your time at the school.columbia

2. We get to say “Go Cocks!” every day

Possibly one of the most iconic mascots in the nation, cocky brings tons of spirit to our school. The amount of pride we have for all of our sports teams is insane. We wear shirts, hats, and pants with “cocks” written on them without a second thought. If you come to University of South Carolina, “go cocks” will become part of your daily vocabulary and no one will ever think anything of it.cocky

3. The food is unreal

Beside the amazing restaurants you’ll find in the city, we have tons of amazing food steps away from your dorm. From chicken finger Wednesdays to hot cookie Fridays, I’ve yet to be disappointed by the food at USC.

4. The extreme weather

They aren’t exaggerating when they say “Columbia- famously hot!”. The heat you will experience in Columbia is like nothing I have ever experienced before. Being from the north, I was shocked when I was dripping with sweat from walking across the street. However, the weather is extremely unpredictable. Last January we had a surprise snowstorm, and 3 days later is was 75 degrees. You never know what you’ll get in Columbia.

5. We make a sandstorm in Willy B every Saturday

After our legendary tailgates, everyone heads over to Williams-Brice Stadium (Willy B) to cheer on the gamecocks. Before the game the song “Sandstorm” starts playing and at the same time we all whip our towels in the air. The students at University of South Carolina have made it our unofficial anthem. Imagine screaming “go cocks!” while whipping a towel in the air with 80,000 of your closest friends!sandstorm

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