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5 Reasons I Chose To Go To Central Michigan University

5 Reasons I Chose To Go To Central Michigan University

Deciding between schools? If Central Michigan University is one of your options, read this article to gain some insight to why Central Michigan was the right choice for this current student.

I think we can all agree that picking a college is a huge frickin’ deal. Choosing the wrong school can kill any vibe or mentality you have while at school. When I decided to get out of my home state of Indianapolis to attend Central Michigan University, I was nervous as hell. Two years later, I know I picked the right university and here’s why.

1. It was far from home.

I’m originally from Indianapolis. Like most college students, I wanted to get away from home, make new friends, and have a fresh start. It was time to branch out from my “friends” from home and be myself. Central Michigan is located in the small town of Mount Pleasant so it may come as a complete culture shock to any big city guys or gals. Fortunately, the provincial life is something you grow accustomed to and appreciate.


2. The campus was like nothing I had seen.

I had visited a few college campuses back home and they were okay. They all had their own dorms, traditions, school colors, and large quads. It wasn’t until I stepped onto campus at¬†Central Michigan University that I immediately saw Mount Pleasant as my new home. It was the beautiful summer trees, the squirrels in their glory, and the infamous Park Library with it’s moving book shelves that caught my attention.


3. The people were actually pleasant.

I was taken back by the genuine smiles on people’s faces at Central Michigan University. As I toured the summer before my first semester, the students expressions glowed with love and appreciation for their campus. They weren’t just saying good things because they were getting paid to.


4. It was a nice change from the big city.

I’m a city girl and I will probably never change. At first when I saw Mount Pleasant, I was surprised that towns this small existed. After my first semester getting used to walking everywhere or driving 2 minutes to get to my favorite stores and food places, I came to appreciate both my college home and my home home for what they were.

5. I knew I would be accepted for who I am.

Every person I came in contact with on campus asked what I liked to do and could easily relate it back to a club, a friend with similar interests, or a super cool story. That sealed the deal for me. Other than the moving bookcases that I’m still shook about.

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At Central Michigan University, everyone is free to like what they like and do what they love. I found the university through the most random Google search of my life and I’m positive that wasn’t just sheer luck.

What are your favorite things about Central Michigan University? Share them with us in the comments below.
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