10 Reasons He’ll Always Be Sexy To You

Your man will always be sexy to you. Whether he’s old or young, that fact will never fade. Here’s a list of ten reasons why you chose him. These qualities are usually the pillars of a healthy relationship. But of course there are plenty of exceptions, and healthy relationship don’t all look the same. With that said, let’s get into it. 

1. His Confidence

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, but your man never ventures beyond that line. While he’s not confident in every respect, when the chips are down and you’re in need, he always seems to know what to do. His movements are always self-assured. His touch is always just right. In sum, he has a sixth sense of what you need, and he fulfills those wishes without timidity. And that’s very sexy to you. 

10 Reasons He'll Always Be Sexy To You

2. His Insecurity

Your man may be imbued with confidence in large part, but he definitely has his insecurities. Still, even his insecurity is somehow sexy to you. It reminds you that, with all his preternatural sexual skills, he’s still as insecure as you. And that’s beautiful, because it’s human. You know that beneath the thin veneer that he sees, there is strength and beauty. You know that he is capable of so much more than he could ever imagine. How could someone so intelligent be so foolish not to recognize that? 

3. His Cheesy Romance

He’s naturally romantic and goes out of his way to make you feel wanted. Though the quirks in your relationship are cringe worthy from the outside, you don’t care. It’s just him and you, cast out from the rest of the world and simultaneously in utter bliss. These are the moments that you cringed at as a kid, but now that you’re experiencing them yourself, you realize how powerful they are. You’re aware that every line is cliched, but you don’t care. Because it’s the subtext between those lines that will stick with you. 

4. His Complexity

Just when you think you have him figured out, he surprises you with another adorable oddity. Every layer is irresistibly sexy to you. There is so much to the enigma that you feel you’ll spend the rest of your life deciphering it. And that’s just fine. Even though you’ll likely never join together every puzzle piece, it’s the joy of playing that drives you. You hope that he’s doing the same with you, but in truth you know he’s the interesting one. 

5. His Honesty

At times, his candor can be brutal, but at least he’s always honest. Even when he’s delicately comforting you, you can rest assure that he’s speaking the truth. For you’ve witnessed him tell a lie. You’ve seen him nearly grimace in pain to speak the words, but he’s frankly awful at it. And that’s sexy to you. Because, in spite of all the mendacity in the world, you’re sure that you have someone to rely on, someone that will be with you up until your last breath. 

10 Reasons He'll Always Be Sexy To You

6. His Humor

His sense of humor is sexy to you. No, he’s not excessively trying to spit out one liners. Rather, at the most unexpected moments, he has the ability to make you laugh till you fart. With complete deadpan, he can be the funniest man alive. After he’s done telling the joke, he’s not afraid to laugh at it though. Some of the best moments you’ve spent with him have been during intense fits of laughter. After a protracted laughter session, you stare into his eyes as you both try to catch your breath, continuing to intermittently laugh in between the silence. 

7. His Strength 

His superior strength is sexy to you. The way he swiftly thrust into you during sex is effortless. You hate feeling dominated in any setting besides the bedroom, and he knows that. The bedroom is where you can let him take control and showcase his strength. His virility is beautiful as he positions you. His tense body as he ejaculates is stunning. You can’t help but slide your hand across it during and after. Every muscle is visible, and every moan itself is orgasmic. 

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8. His Intelligence

Far from being all brawn, your man is intelligent and witty. It’s not so much that he’s always prompting intellectual conversations; it’s more that once and awhile he’ll astonish you with his insight. His shrewdness is especially apparent if you’re ever lucky enough to see him on the job. You get to witness him doing what he loves. The competence and skill are what’s sexy to you. His communication is straightforward and articulate. It’s very evident that he’s conversant in his craft. But outside of those rare moments, he’s always able to follow what you’re saying. Conversation is easy when he’s around. 

9. His Empathy

Beneath a tough exterior, there is a surprising degree of softness. He’s not saintly by any stretch,  but he’s always trying to empathize with other people. Specifically, he sympathizes with your plight more than any other person. You know that you can always run to him for work related problems, because he’s a great listener. So much so that you feel like you’re incapable of giving what you get. You’re incapable of easing his mind like he eases yours. He’s not always patiently consoling you, but when you feel he’s given up on you, he’s always there. His warm touch is sexy to you.

10. The Way He Makes You Feel

You can decipher the code for weeks, but your love simply can’t be encompassed in a list. He may not have every quality on this list, but that doesn’t change your passion for him. Often times thoughts are interpretations of feelings. But language fails in describing your intense passion for him. It’s as if you’ve been waiting for centuries and have finally stumbled upon your soulmate. Your whole life you thought you would end up loving someone just like you. Now, you see the beauty in opposites, in trying to understand someone who’s different than you. You still share many similarities, but for the most part he’s better than you. He’s not without his flaws, yet he’s still better than you. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but the way he makes you feel is worth deceiving him into thinking you’re worthy. 

10 Reasons He'll Always Be Sexy To You

What about him is infinitely sexy to you? I’d love to hear what you have to say. Comment down below. 

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