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5 Reasons Greek Rank Doesn’t Matter

5 Reasons Greek Rank Doesn’t Matter

Every incoming freshman worries about making friends, yes. But some freshmen worry way too much about making the perfect friends right away, and they do this by using one of the worst websites known to man: Greek Rank. For those of you who don’t know, Greek Rank is a website that basically allows anonymous usernames to rank and post about different houses according to university. And guess what, if you are thinking hey, that doesn’t sound half bad, it’s in your best interest to listen up. There’s many reasons Greek Rank doesn’t matter, and here are five very important ones. 

5 Reasons Greek Rank Doesn't Matter

1. Everyone who posts is already in a house.

Probably the most obvious reason that everything said on Greek Rank is irrelevant is because, without fail, every person who posts on this website is already in greek life themselves. Ok yes, the website would probably be even worse if the people posting weren’t involved with greek life at all, but the fact is this: if you’re in a house, that house is your favorite. It’s really no surprise that someone in Kappa has something negative to say about someone in Gamma Phi or vice versa. It’s simple: everyone is looking out for their own house on this website, and they do so by trying to make an impression on freshmen that isn’t necessarily accurate. Don’t be fooled, freshmen! 

5 Reasons Greek Rank Doesn't Matter

2. This is why we have recruitment. 

Ever heard that saying about listening to your gut? Well, recruitment is the perfect place to do just that. It goes without saying that freshman year can be overwhelming, disorienting, and plain scary, but at the end of the day, none of that should stop you from trusting your own judgment. Going into recruitment with other people’s ideas, opinions, and impressions about your future peers is probably one of the worst ways to kick off the college experience. Admittedly, there’s lots of reasons the recruitment process isn’t the perfect way to gage a house, (you only get a short, highly censored conversation after all) but a five minute conversation is better than no conversation at all– and surely better than whatever the petty people on Greek Rank have to say. Greek rank doesn’t matter; your experience during recruitment does.  

3. Trolls versus Hardos.

It’s hard to say which is worse (trolls or hardos), but regardless, Greek Rank is a haven to both. To make sure everyone is crystal clear on what exactly these two types of people are, let’s get some definitions out of the way. A ‘troll’ is a person who writes on the site just to mess with people’s heads. Nothing they say is to be taken seriously, and yet some people take their word as it is with no questions asked. It’s not exactly a low stake mistake either; it can define your entire college experience, so it’s really something to think about. Now, we get to hardos: a ‘hardo’ is a person who, frankly, is just way too invested with greek life to be taken seriously either. They’re the kind of people who think GDIs (God Damn Independents who aren’t in greek life), and equally as bad, anyone outside of their house are beneath them. Who wants to be associated with those kinds of people anyway? 

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4. Every PC is different. 

The fact that every pledge class is different is also a huge reason Greek Rank doesn’t matter. You can’t necessarily base what house you should be in on past members because at any point, one PC (maybe yours) will change the entire reputation of the sorority/fraternity, and leave you with an entirely unprecedented group of people. Though it’s nice to be fond of older members, your PC is really who you will be spending your time with, and you never know who that will be!

5. No one cares what house you’re in after freshman year. 

Lastly and most importantly, Greek Rank doesn’t matter because you can find cool people in every single house on campus. No one cares about ‘top house’ or ‘rankings’ after freshman year because greek life becomes less about these superficial things and more about who you actually like hanging out with. After freshman year, you stop seeing KSIG as the cool, intimidating KSIG guys, and you start seeing them based off your judgment alone. If you want to be friends with them, you are. And if not, you’re not. No one cares anymore!

5 Reasons Greek Rank Doesn't Matter

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