5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To UofAlabama

We've got your southern hospitality, amazing Greek life and school spirit for days. Read on to find out why else I chose to go to UofAlabama!

We’ve got your southern hospitality, amazing Greek life and school spirit for days. Read on to find out why else I chose to go to UofAlabama!

5. Free Money

Alabama gives out amazingly generous scholarships to all that fit the criteria. From the Presidential scholarships to The Foundation in Excellence, it’s hard to find one that you won’t be able to obtain. Best part is that they’re not competitive, if you qualify you get that free money! With rising college costs this is a hard thing to pass up, especially since Alabama is already one of the least expensive colleges.

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4. Outstanding Greek Life

The University of Alabama boasts THE BIGGEST Greek system in the whole country. With over 2,000 potential new members every fall for sororities alone this number is a hard one to beat. The houses on sorority row are not to be outdone either, marble and 30,000+ square feet are normal in these houses. Not only is the Greek life huge, it is exemplary across the boards. Zeta Tau Alpha has previously won several national awards for their outstanding service and excellence. All the sororities at Alabama all exemplify the meaning of service, doing everything from blood drives to fundraisers for human trafficking victims.

3. Southern Hospitality

Southern hospitality is NO JOKE. The minute you experience it you will truly be shocked. Strangers down here have accents as slow as molasses and sweet enough to give you diabetes. While saying “please” and “thank you,” were considered good manners up north where I from, they don’t hold a candle to pleasantries here.

2. The Crimson Tide Pride

16 national football titles. A trip to the football national championship is part of every incoming students expectations. Mix amazing sports and intense long lasting school pride and you have the ultimate combination. Seeing everyone, no matter where they are or their age, so proud of UA sports teams and their Alma mater has a pull like no other.

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1. The Historically Beautiful Campus

From the old military school buildings that remained standing during UofAlabama’s civil war burning to the traditional red brick architecture, there’s nothing more you could look for in a campus. Though buildings remain historically beautiful and the trees stand old and tall, UA has insanely modern features throughout. One of these includes the brand new Presidential dorms, which show like a new luxury apartment building. Every time I stepped foot on this campus I fell in love with it even more. (There’s that intense school pride peeking through).

 What are some other reasons you chose to go to UofAlabama? Let us know down below!
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