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5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At UC Berkeley

5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley class of 2021! Getting ready for school to start up? Here are a few reasons why you should be excited to start at UC Berkeley in the fall.
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Just like everyone else in UC Berkeley Class of 2021, I was ecstatic when I clicked the link in my application portal and saw a virtual confetti-strewn acceptance letter. Although at that point I still had a lot of time before my big move up to the Bay Area, I had already begun daydreaming about UC Berkeley, basking in my excitement about beginning college. Here are five reasons I’m excited to start at UC Berkeley in the fall!

1. Berkeley Time

I think I can speak on behalf of all incoming freshmen at Cal when I say that those extra ten minutes between the listed start time and the actual start time of our classes are going to be SUCH a blessing for us this year. Those of us with 8 a.m.’s will be rejoicing in our sleep knowing that we’ll have ten extra minutes to snooze our alarms and avoid our academic responsibilities. However, if you’re a naturally prompt person, take this as a blessing to loosen up a bit. Just remember that Berkeley time only applies to Berkeley -don’t get too used to it and show up late somewhere else!

2. The Big Game

The annual Stanford vs Cal football game is probably one of the biggest events of the year for both schools. The amount of energy and spirit the students from both schools demonstrate is unrivaled, and the level of excitement surrounding this game can make any passive spectator a football fanatic. It’ll be awesome to see the vast sea of blue and gold on game day and to hear all of our fellow classmates cheering our team to a hopeful victory. Even though Stanford has won the past seven games in a row, I have faith Cal can come back this year with the entrance of the Class of 2021!


3. San Francisco – A Bridge Away

Now I know this may be an understatement considering that bridge traffic can get pretty rough, but the fact that a major global city like San Francisco is so close to us is incredible. The possibilities are endless in the city — you’ll never run out of concerts to see, restaurants to try, boutiques to shop in…you name it. Berkeley itself is a great city, but if you’re looking for somewhere else fun to go on a Saturday night with your friends, just hop in an Uber and cruise across the bridge.

4. Vegan-friendly Dining Halls at UC Berkeley

This point doesn’t necessarily apply to the majority of incoming freshmen, but for my fellow vegans out there, Cal is probably the best school for us in regards to providing an abundance of vegan-friendly options in its dining halls. Because of the large amount of diversity in its student body, our school has seriously stepped up its game in catering to all of its students’ special dietary needs. In fact, Cal has an entire dining hall in Unit 3 dedicated to providing kosher, vegetarian, and vegan options! How awesome is that?

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5. Close – But Not Too Close To Home

For those of us from Southern California, our school is the perfect happy-medium distance from home – it’s not too far, but it’s not uncomfortably close either. If I ever want to go home for a weekend, it’s as easy as a one-hour flight, but I also won’t have to worry about my family making surprise visits either. And for those of you coming from out of the state or even from out of the country, hats off to you! Although you’ll be a long way from home, it’ll be easy to find your niche, and Cal will definitely become your home away from home!

What are your reasons for being excited to start UC Berkeley?! Comment below!
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