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10 Reasons Your College Friends Will Be Your Friends Forever

10 Reasons Your College Friends Will Be Your Friends Forever

The friends you make in college can be so important in shaping who you are. They’re there for you through even the toughest of times, while being there for all of the best times. Keep reading for 10 reasons your college friends will be your friends for life!

1. You changed together.

Who you were in high school is very different than the person you are now. College is an amazing experience to gain new perspectives and learn more about who you are and who you want to be. College friends are most likely a result of the new person you are becoming or someone who exemplifies characteristics you want to achieve in yourself. Because all of you are growing up and changing, you grow together. The friends you made in college who met the you after high school and maybe even were some of the influential causes of the new you – were there with you for that and will be with you forever because you were all there to encourage each other and help each other grow!

2. If you can make it through being roommates, you can make it through anything!

The thought of living with your best friend may sound like the best thing that could ever happen to you, but in reality it will probably be hard. You and your roommates/suite mates are living together in a very small space, which can definitely lead to sometimes butting heads. They will be there for every moment in that year and go through a lot with you. If you can make it through being roommates and still love each other and want to spend every moment together, odds are you can probably make it through any challenge your friendship might bring in the future.



3. You have similar hobbies/aspirations/opinions.

Many of the people you meet will be within your major or department, in a club or organization, through work or internships, your sorority, and the list continues. Because that common interest is what brought you together, odds are it is what can help keep you together. Also, because you will meet a lot of people, the ones you find that are like minded to you or complement you well that you form natural and easy friendships with are the friendships that will be so easy to continue beyond college.

4. You made the effort.

In college, you may not be with the same people every single day, especially if you don’t have classes together. Someone that lived on your floor one year could be in the dorm across campus the nest year, or even living off campus. It is really easy, especially on big campuses, not to cross paths with someone unless you make the effort to see them! College is all about time management, so if you and your best friends are true friends and you think that friendship is worth the effort, you made the time to be with each other and that makes your friendship so much stronger.

5. You can handle the separation.

Every summer you go through the separation of not being with your college friends for a few months, but when you get back to school it was like nothing ever changed. When you can go a long time without seeing each other, then pick up right where you left off as if you had never left, that is the sign of a true friendship that lasts the distance. Especially because colleges are made up of people from all over the country or even the world, odds are the people you meet may not live so close to you. This is why it’s so important to be able to spend time apart without drifting apart from each other.

6. You didn’t get sick of each other.

This one is especially true if your college friends were your roommates at some point. You probably ended up seeing each other basically every day- always had dinner together, went out together every weekend, and went to every sporting event or school event together. After spending all that time together for at least a year if not many more (depending on when you met), it is very easy to just get sick of being with them all the time. Once you graduate, if you still want to see them every day and get dinner weekly that is a fairly good sign that you are never going to get sick of them. And if the thought of not seeing them every single day for the rest of your life brings a little tear to your eye, you all definitely have a strong enough bond to keep you together forever!



7. They know everything about you- and still like you!

Odds are your best friends know everything about you at this point. From your not-so-slight obsession with french fries, that trick you do where you put your whole fist in your mouth, or whatever silly or weird habits and skills you have, they’ve seen it all. They also know everything about you, like that look on your face when you are thinking about your ex, or those tell-all facial expressions girls have where you don’t need to say a word for them to know exactly what you are thinking. Because they know you so well and know exactly how to react in every situation and mood under the sun, at this point you NEED them in your life forever or you probably won’t make it out alive.

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8. You chose each other.

You will meet a ton of people in college, and I mean a ton. There are a lot of people you were very close with one year, then completely lost touch the next. You and your best friends stay together forever because you chose not to lose touch! You decided this friendship was so good that you did not want to lose it, so you built that strong bond that keeps you together!


9. You made it through *insert class here* together.

Each major and school has that one class that would have been absolutely unbearable if your friend was not by your side to get you through it. Whether it was the most challenging class of your college career, or that dreadful professor who droned on for an hour and a half. Whatever class it was, you and your friends will probably be talking about it forever. You spent late nights studying together and helped each other get through the most boring and the most difficult of days. A friend that can help you get through tough times is one you’ll want to keep forever.

10. You were all broke together and made it through.

Most students are broke their whole college career, so you and your college friends were all in the same boat. It allowed you to be real with each other, and you found ways to have an awesome time without spending money that allowed you to make memories you will be talking about forever.

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