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8 Reasons Baths Sooth The Soul

8 Reasons Baths Sooth The Soul

The day ends and all you can think about is soaking into a deep bath of relaxation. You want to wash away the day’s to-dos knowing that baths are what eases the mind. You get out of a warm bath feeling refreshed and energized to start the day! Here are 8 reasons baths soothe the soul.

1. Happy soul, happy spirit

I’m sure you have felt the pressure of the world in one way or another, but with baths, all things that seem to feel intense can start to release! There will be days when life just gets crazy. Where you feel that you may be a little bit more sad than usual. In that case, taking a bath can help you feel happier. The warmth of the bath diminishes the feeling of depression. It gives you a feeling of comfort and security while relaxing the mind and body. Go ahead and light a candle, put on some music or your favorite TV show, and soak deep into the tub. You’ll feel better in minutes!


2. Better Sleep

If you are someone that has a tough time sleeping, I think it’s time to rethink baths. Naturally, our body temperature gets colder by night time to signal to us that it’s time for bed. Our bodies produce melatonin or also known as sleep hormones to help us fall asleep. Although the concept sounds understandable, sometimes our bodies don’t act in the way we want them to. Baths help with this problem. When you take a bath you will become very warm very fast, our bodies naturally want to cool us down faster which in return prepares the sleep hormones a lot quicker. This means you will fall asleep more quickly and not to mention you will even sleep better. 

Not having enough sleep actually ruins a lot of things in our lives. Such as not being able to function during the day properly. If you don’t get enough sleep you won’t treat the people around you the way they SHOULD be treated, you will start eating more junk food to increase your energy and those foods will cause you to feel more stressed. Everything works together, so if taking a bath to ease the mind and fall asleep faster does the trick!


3. Muscle pain

As we get older, our bodies tend to have more muscle pains. It could be from pulling a muscle in a sport, or perhaps you tripped over something. Whatever it may be, having muscle pain is a natural part of life. With baths, this can ease the pain. When you have an injured muscle you will keep your body in a tense state which can actually not help the injury when it’s trying to heal. Try having a bath next time so that you can help create blood flow to improve circulation throughout the body. This will also relax the muscle and reduce inflammation in the body. 

4. Healthy heart

Now, depending on your age, baths may be the perfect thing to try out. If you have high blood pressure or any heart problems baths have the ability to help you tremendously. It reduces blood pressure because of the heat of the bath. The heat gives the body a mini-workout which in return is actually very healthy for your heart to release any extra stress.


5. Calorie burner

Burning an extra few calories is always a plus especially if you are sitting around all day. Having a warm bath heats up the body making it work a little bit harder. It’s as if it’s a tiny workout for the body that is burning a few extra calories here and there.


6. Bye bye Flu!

Having the flu happens to everyone, but a great way to push away those flu symptoms is with baths. If you feel that you are a little extra stuffy and or have a bad cough, a bath has the ability to ease those symptoms. Congestion has to deal with inflammation in the body and the steam of a bath gets the blood vessels in the face and body to start working properly again! Let’s also not forget how amazing baths feel when we are sick. Even when we get body aches the only thing that we wish is that that they were gone and a bath eases this pain instantly. 

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7. Soothes irritated skin

Suffer from dry and or irritated skin? Then having a warm bath paired with essential oils could do the trick. Soaking in a bath that has essentials oils does not just reach the surface level of your skin but goes deep into creating long-lasting hydration. Also with the heat of the bath, it helps relax any irritation that is building. Usually when your skin is irritated there is an underlying feeling of stress that needs to be taken away as well and as mentioned before baths can do just that. 

8. It even helps the brain and nervous system

Baths may be extremely helpful when it comes to relaxing the body, but it is also extremely helpful when it comes to recalibrating both the body and mind. When your body is extremely stressed, you stop your normal rational thinking. You start to think in a state of mind as if you are in urgent care of help. It exhausts us head to toe leaving us feeling like we didn’t accomplish anything that we truly wanted to during the day. It can even have us feeling more depressed if we don’t find a way to relax. 


Baths reduce the levels of stress and anxiety that build up the body and it reduces any pain and or inflammation. It calms the nervous system leaving us feeling refreshed and alive. It gives us the strength to do more in our lives when we aren’t constantly are worrying about the non-important things that occur in our lives. 

What is your favorite way to relax? Comment down below to let us know!

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