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Top 5 Reasons Anna Kendrick Should Be Your New Inspiration For Life

Top 5 Reasons Anna Kendrick Should Be Your New Inspiration For Life

Inspiration can come from the craziest places. If you’re looking for inspiration to shake up your life in a positive way, look no further than Anna Kendrick. The Simple Favor star knows how to kill the style game, act like a classy bitch and always have the last laugh, even if it’s at herself. Following celebrities for guidance in life could lead you down a rabbit hole that is impossible to climb out of. Which is why I have laid out the top 5 reasons you should look towards Anna Kendrick next time you need a little kick in the butt to get going!

1. Grace and Style

Kenrick quotes herself as having a ‘goofy’ face and often talks about how she was bullied at a young age in her book ‘scrappy little nobody,’ but is known in Hollywood as one of the most beautiful women to ever appear on the big screen. The secret being, you don’t have to look like a model to have style. Anna Kendrick always carries herself with grace and poise, how she carries on the red carpet tells you everything you need to know about the 30-year-olds style. She doesn’t just wear clothes that a stylist picks out for her, she rocks the outfits the stylist picks out. Shoulder’s back and tits up ladies. Next time you’re feeling bad about not being 5’9 like Blake Lively, remember that Anna Kendrick is only 5’2 and totally kicked Lively’s ass in A Simple Favor. Literally kicked her ass, both stars are great, but Anna Kendrick takes her down in that movie. Dress in clothing that makes you feel confident and you will never go wrong.  


2. Try New Things

Anna Kendrick has appeared in television programs, musicals, theatrical productions and movies, she’s busy. However, did you know she is also an author? If you didn’t know this, don’t worry, I’m about to talk about her book a lot so I can catch you up. When it comes to her career Kendrick won’t let anything stop her from trying something new and pushing herself creatively. In her book, ‘Scrappy Little Nobody’ Anna talks about how she felt like she wasn’t pushing herself anymore, now that she wasn’t struggling to become an actress. When the opportunity came to try something new, write an entire novel, she jumped at the opportunity. Next time you are feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, try something new and push yourself, you might end up finding a secret talent.      

3. Don’t Forget About Who You Are

We all know Anna Kendrick now as being a gorgeous celebrity who can walk any red carpet with confidence, underneath it all she is still that dorky little girl from Main. Most celebrities won’t let the public see their true side, they want to stay shiny and untenable. If you follow Anna Kendrick on Twitter or Instagram though you know this isn’t the case for our favourite Pitch Perfect star. Kendrick will remind her fans that photoshop exists and that she doesn’t get her hair professionally died every single day by sharing her silly moments on Instagram or Twitter. I’m not saying you have should skip showering, because you’re being a more authentic version of yourself. The point is Anna Kendrick doesn’t let fame get to her head, she is grounded and down to earth. This is something we should all keep in mind.  


4. It’s okay to be silly 

Laughing is the best medicine, yes life is hard and serious, but you don’t have to be hard and serious all the time. Anna Kendrick has been nominated for an oscar and in the same year, she also hosted Saturday Night Live and wore silly costumes and made fun of herself. Take a break from all the pressure of your life and laugh. You can be a boss bitch who runs the company like a well oil machine while also going home to watch Mike and Dave need wedding dates. Laugh, be silly and enjoy your life.   

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5. You don’t have to be nice 

After reading Anna Kendricks book the idea of being nice seemed like a foreign concept to me. She goes into detail about how for women being nice can often seem like a mandatory requirement for being a good person. This scrappy little nobody wants to remind all of that that maybe you have to do everything you’re told to be a nice person, but that doesn’t make you a good person.  Anna Kendrick puts more stock in herself than just being nice. Be kind, moral, respectful of others instead of just being nice. Next time you see Anna Kendrick not answer every question in an interview, or sign every autograph remember that she is a person and is doing what is right for her. This isn’t an excuse for you to skip out on work or your responsibilities but,  do what you love and what makes you feel comfortable, and fuck what everyone else thinks. Next time you’re in a situation where you’re being forced to be nice ask yourself the simple question “what would Anna Kendrick do” if the answer is say ‘Fuck off” then let yourself say that. Free yourself from the idea that you may be labelled a bitch and move on, you will feel so much better after. 

Anna Kendrick is a badass actress who can sing like a canary. Don’t follow trainwreck celebrities just because they’re hot right now. Fame is fleeting, but class is something that you can count on when you look to Anna Kendrick. Follow this star if you want a little bit of help adding some style, humour and scrappiest into your life. Make sure you’re adding your own spin on her looks, it is your life after all! We don’t want a bunch of Anna Kendrick clones running around, although think about how great every movie would be? 

Who is your go Hollywood start for daily life inspiration? Comment below!

Featured Image Source: Anna Kendrick Instagram