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Real Talk: Do Jade Rollers Actually Do Anything For Your Skin?

Real Talk: Do Jade Rollers Actually Do Anything For Your Skin?

A recent beauty trend that has been rolling through the internet lately has been the jade roller. This tool is made out of solid jade stone that is said to decrease puffiness and under-eye circles and even minimize the look of fine lines. I, like many peeps out there, are very intrigued by this tool. Can it actually do what it is promised? Before I buy anything in the beauty department, I like to do my extensive research. So this article will be my research, come join me and see if this thing is worth the hype or not all it is rolled out to be. 

real talk: do jade rollers work?

So first off, what is this stone all about?

Well, jade is a mineral, mostly found in various shades of green. It can either be a type of mineral known as nephrite which is made out of oxygen and silicon) or jadeite which is made out of sodium and aluminum. I did not realize that there were different types of jades out there. They also can be found in a variety of colors, there are jade stones that are white, lavender, grey, black, blue, and red. The jade fam is large!

Jade has been used dating back to 5,000 years ago

The Chinese made various objects out of the pretty gemstone. Master craftsmen would make anything from tools to jewelry with jade. In ancient China, Jade was regarded as the most precious stone. It symbolized purity and moral integrity. Besides using it to make tools and jewelry, jade was used in spiritual and ritual objects. Hefty power for a stone. Nowadays, jade is used to make a variety of jewelry such as pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, tombstones and a plethora of other items. Back in the day, jade was rarely found with the physical brillance it possess today. This is because the people who manufacture and sell jade have been able to use various processes to improve their appearance. They use heat, wax, dye, bleach, acid, and polymer injections have been used to improve color, luster and stability of the stone. It is important to know what goes into the stone if you going to put it on your face!

real talk: do jade rollers actually work?

Now we have covered a little bit of the jade stones back story, let’s get into another side of the stone: its healing properties.

For the followers of alternative healing practices, jade is sweet energy that can be very healing for people. The meaning of the jade stone is purity or purification. It is a stone that protects and supports heart energy. Unlike other stones used in alternative medicine, jade does not create a strong rush of energy when using it. The message from the stone is to love and accept yourself, this message helps you to align yourself to who you truly are. This ties into jade representing harmony and balance. I cannot lie, that is a message I can get behind. 

IGHT, now we that we have gotten to the extensive research regarding the jade stone, let us take a look why we are here, jade rollers.

Interestingly, jade rollers have been used in China since the 17th century. The tool usually has a larger stone for cheeks, jaw and forehead and a smaller stone for around the eyes and mouth. The gentle massaging done by the jade roller is suppose to increase circulation in the lymphatic system and lymphatic drainage throughout the face. Lymphatic system fluid contains white blood cells which play an important roll in the fighting germs and disease. This fluid can be helped to flow more smoothly through manual massage. According to Suzanne Frielder, a Mahattan- based dermatologist says that jade rollers can be great for massaging your face. She explains, “any time you massage tissues, you’re increasing circulation. Your skin may look brighter, more luminous, and maybe more contoured and less puffy.” So okay, it is possible that it can help with increasing circulation in the face which will lead to less puffiness. There is some good from this roller. 

real talk: do jade rollers actually work?

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On the other hand, another dermatologist, Susan Bard (Manhattan Dermatology Specialists) says if you use a jade rollers you need to be careful about making sure it is clean. She says that if not cleaned properly, bacteria can live on the roller and do more harm to your skin than good. “The coldness of the stone can certainly help reduce puffiness. But the drawbacks are if you rub too vigorously, you can actually aggravate acne or create irritation.” Bacteria is a no go! In addition, back to our skin friend Suzanne says to remember that jade roller will not be able to cure all of your skincare woes. She explains, but if you’re looking for substantive change, that’s not going to happen with the jade roller. It’s also not going to have an effect on inflammatory conditions like eczema or psoriasis.” Of course, not all beauty products can 100% live up to its hype. It is not perfect.

Also, after more research on people who have tried jade rollers and documented their progress throughout their time using it. Many of the people have found that using them for about two weeks did not make a significant difference in their skin. They did report that they felt more relaxed because they massaged their faces with their rollers. The coolness of the rollers did feel good on their skin as well, furthering relaxing them. So that is some good news right? 

So the real question is: do jade rollers do anything for your skin?

Well, it seems like the t answer is a yes-no combo. So jade rollers can be used to massage the face to break up lymph fluid and decrease some inflammation, so that is a point towards them. But what is dermatologist friends said up there is to remember it is not the cure for skincare problems. What I did gather from my research is that it is important to massage your face in order to increase circulation in your face. Also, massage your face provides you with a great de-stressing technique. If you are a fan of the aspect of giving yourself a mini spa treatment during your skincare routine, the jade roller may be right up your alley. Whether you decide to get a jade roller, it is totally up to you based on what you think your skin needs! You do you boo! I am just here giving out some info. If the jade roller does not sound like your jam and check out this video on facial massaging! It is free.

Even though it seems as though the jade roller is not an all-in-one beauty aid the hype claims it to be, it is pointed out an important wellness aspect that should be left out of our skin care routines! 

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