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Ranking of UNH Dorms and Residence Halls

Ranking of UNH Dorms and Residence Halls

Looking to find out which UNH dorms and residence halls are the best? Since there are so many, we've ranked them so you'll find the right one for you!

It’s no coincidence that my favorite free t-shirt from UNH is my housing t-shirt, which boasts, “UNH Housing: Where Wildcats Love to Live.” There are a variety of housing options at UNH, from apartments and houses off campus to residence halls, dorms and apartments provided by the University. Trying to choose where to live on campus can seem daunting; but there really are no bad options, there is a home for everyone at UNH! But to keep yourself well informed, keep reading for the ranking of UNH dorms and residence halls!

1. The Freshman Dorms

We can’t really begin our ranking without mentioning the freshman dorms first. This is because they are basically in their own category and don’t exactly apply to the rest of the campus dorm rankings. When a student first attends UNH, the freshman dorms are most likely the most popular dorms on campus for them, in terms of how they are set up and the amount of students who decide to live in them when they first come to UNH.

In this way, living in freshman dorms are a great way to meet people who may turn into your best friends throughout your next 4 years at UNH. However, there are definitely pros and cons to living in an all freshman dorm.  I have heard students complain that living in a freshman only dorm is like reliving senior year of high school, but have also heard countless students rave about their experience with those just like them! Freshman dorms include:

Christensen & Williamson

Christensen and Williamson are two of the biggest dorms on campus reserved only for freshmen. They are on the far side of campus and a nice ten minute walk to the center of campus, but there is an amazing dining hall right next to them (Philbrook). It is important to keep in mind how you handle noise and distractions if you’re looking to live in Christensen or Williamson!

Alexander, Lord, and Richardson House

Located in The Minis.


2. The Dorms on the Upper and Lower Quads

Now, I might be a little biased, but the Upper Quad (UQ) and Lower Quad (LQ) are some of the best dorms on campus. All the buildings in both quads are for mixed years, which enables students to branch out and meet friends of all ages (this can be really helpful when your neighbor has already taken the class you’re currently struggling in)! Both the UQ and the LQ are in an awesome location, just minutes away from HoCo, Philly and Academic Way! Gibbs Hall, known by the University as “The Clubhouse” is a very friendly building full of students who are heavily involved in clubs, sports and groups around campus. Living in Randall Hall my freshman year led me to my best friends.

3. Congreve

Congreve Hall is seemingly the pride of UNH Housing. Students of every age are drawn in to Congreve due to its beautiful architecture, huge windows and welcoming entryway. Although, Congreve offers double and triple rooms, many residents live in singles, causing Congreve to be on the quiet side compared to other dorms on campus. Located literally directly off of Main Street, Congreve is very centrally located and offers a beautiful view of T-Hall from many rooms.

4. The Mills

Mills Hall is one of only a handful of dorms on campus that offers suite style living. Suites in the Mills range from 4 people to 9 people. Every suite has its own bathroom (yes, you have to clean it yourself). The Mills is home to mostly upperclassmen and does not allow freshmen students to reside there. It is one of the only dorms on campus with air conditioning, which is an awesome amenity to have during the beginning and end of the year. The Mills is home to a lot of students who have already established themselves on campus, so it is more common to see suite doors closed, which is very unusual elsewhere at UNH. The Mills are located just minutes from the Mill Road plaza, the shops on Main Street, and HoCo is right outside the door!

5. Handler Hall

Handler Hall is quite large, and is one of the newer residence halls on campus. It is set back near the freshman dorms and a bit of a walk to the rest of the campus and downtown, but not too bad. It has AC and substantially large rooms. If you are planning on taking most of your classes in Spaulding Hall (Psychology, Sociology, etc.), Pettee Hall (majoring in Family Studies, Child Development, and Family Relations), studying engineering and science, or involved in the ROTC or Durham Fire Station, then this is a great hall for you to live in because it is close in proximity to these buildings!

6. Scott Hall

Scott Hall is a small hall (less than 165 students) and is located right on the main street in the heart of campus across from the quad and UNH clock tower. There are always students out on the front lawn.

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7. Adams Towers West

These are some of the most unique living halls on campus. They actually used to be a part of The New England Center Hotel before the university bought them in 2010. You might not even notice these towers unless you know what to look for because they are set back in the woods behind Stoke. They are also near the fraternity and sorority houses on Strafford Ave, right behind Chi Omega’s yard. They have floor to ceiling windows and picturesque views of the woods. This is claimed to be one of the most popular halls, because of its unique characteristics, but many students (especially freshman) don’t even know they exist and that is why they are low on our list.

8. Hetzel Hall

Hetzel Hall is located in a prime location because it is right near the MUB (Memorial Union Building) as well as HoCo, the largest dining hall. It isn’t too long of a walk from most academic buildings and is located across from the Durham Market Place. It is only a short walk downtown. Hetzel has some of the largest rooms on campus and there is a bus stop right outside of it. The trouble is for whatever reason, many newer students don’t recognize this hall as a valuable option, so most students are not as likely to “hang around” this hall.


9. Stoke

Lovingly referred to as “Stoke Palace” by those who live there and as “Oh….Stoke….” by those who don’t. Stoke Hall is definitely one of the most notorious dorms on campus. Housing nearly 600 students, Stoke is the biggest dorm on campus and is home to mostly freshmen and sophomores. It is located just seconds from Paul College and only a short walk from the gym and dining hall Stillings. Students that live in Stoke love it. Students who don’t chose not to for a reason. There are also beach volleyball and basketball courts right outside! However, living with that many other students is bound to get rowdy, especially on the weekends (but hey, you might be into that…)

10. Hubbard Hall

Hubbard Hall is an honors dorm. Therefore, if you’re into that kind of thing, this is the perfect spot for you. If you’d like to branch out and meet some new people you might not always find in an honors dorm, I wouldn’t recommend it. This is a small dorm, near Philbrook dining hall and set back by the freshman dorms. It isn’t a bad walk to most academic halls, but it is a little bit of a hike downtown.

11. Engelhardt Hall

Engelhardt Hall is an alcohol and drug- free dorm hall. It is very small and not exactly the first dorm you would head to before you went out on a Saturday night. But, hey, to each his own…

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