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Ranking the Top 10 DIY Tik Toks To Watch Right Now

Tik Toks have been a huge source of entertainment and joy over the past few months. DIY Tik Toks are a large portion of the content and here are some that you just need to see!

1.  Drinking Game Board

Staying at home more means making a lot more of your own fun. Taking the number spot today in the top 10 DIY Tik Toks is this drinking game board! It is so cool to watch it being constructed and looks like just the thing to spice up your weekend. This DIY Tik Tok was created by @ella.blix and took her and her best friend a total of six hours to create! It is so satisfying to see them measure out, outline, and fill in every square space with color and a challenge to complete when you land on each square. This drinking game board is super colorful and I could not take my eyes off the video, so much so that I watched it several times!

Watch this Tik Tok:

2. Jhumki Bangles Made From Plastic Bottles

If you are looking to add a bit of flair to your Zoom meeting attire, then check out this DIY Tik Tok of @chandnisdiydecor creating a fabulous bangle made from embroidery thread and a plastic bottle! This video is completely mesmerizing! Watching them wrap the plastic in a gorgeous midnight blue colored threads, gluing on gold accents, and attaching a dangling tassel by sewing is so cool to witness. This Tik Tok makes the process of creating a beautiful bangle incredibly easy and it is so affordable to make as well!

Watch this Tik Tok:

3. Cute Doormat With Quote

DIY number three is a doormat donned with a fun Roddy Rich quote. Tik Tok user, @ericajotaylor, killed it with this one! She used what looks to be a Cricut machine to create the stencil for the phrase and then sprayed black Flex Seal, which is a liquid rubber sealant, over the stencil to transfer the words onto the plain doormat below. It is such a simple DIY, but it makes her doorstop look so chic and really shows her personality. The great thing about this DIY is that you can totally personalize it to your liking with any phrase or quote you desire and it only takes a few minutes!

Watch this Tik Tok:

4. Nike Handbag

This next DIY is a little more advanced, which makes it all the more satisfying to watch! Tik Tok creator @_skalsi uses a shoebox, specifically from a pair of Nike Air Force 1s, to create a fresh-looking Nike logo. Then they use a sewing machine to attach the pieces of cardboard from the shoebox to durable yet flexible clear plastic and a sleek, black handle with two buckles. This bag has such a cool, modern, and sporty vibe that would totally elevate a casual, athleticwear ensemble! This is definitely a Tik Tok that I could watch many times and still be impressed every single time.

Watch this Tik Tok:

5. Butterfly Art With Chain

Coming at number five on this list of 10 DIY Tik Toks, is this butterfly art piece that screams early 2000’s to me. This adorable art piece was made by a creator with the handle @asiatiktok2020, who uses bold paint colors and a simple necklace chain to manipulate the paint into giving her a cool, swirled effect within the black, butterfly outline. They make this technique look so easy, but I am sure that it takes a light and skilled hand to accomplish this outcome! The butterfly looks absolutely stunning at the conclusion of this video and watching the paints swirl into the desired position is so satisfying to see.

Watch this Tik Tok:

6. Aurora Room Decor For Dollhouse

DIY number six is something a little different, the creation of an Aurora themed bedroom for a lovely, little dollhouse. Usually, this is not something that I am particularly interested in, but once I came upon the Tik Tok by @easilydiy I just had to stop scrolling and watch the entirety of it. It starts off fairly simple with a bed and a mini comforter, but by the end, the DIY skills are on full display with a working backpack, chair, and even wall decor being created for this model bedroom! I have watched this video so many times and cannot even imagine what my version of this would like, definitely not as put together and functional as theirs, I can assure you of that fact.

Watch this Tik Tok:

7. Stained Wooden Hanging Shelf

Next up we have a very bohemian, vintage-inspired DIY created by on Tik Tok. All of the supplies for this were found at a local Dollar Tree from the wooden tray to the rope used to hang it on the wall. It is so incredible to see what people can create with simple and inexpensive items! The stain on the wood looks stunning as well as the way they staged it with the plants and gorgeous jars. It honestly looks as if they spent a good amount of money on this piece of wall decor from Target or TJMAXX. I am so impressed with the ingenuity and I just cannot stop watching!

Watch this Tik Tok:

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8. Jelly Phone Case

Number eight is a very practical yet super fashionable item. @user505533581 has made this custom phone case that appears to have a jelly-like consistency! They start out with a simple, clear phone case and a paint pen, but what happens next you need to see. The creator pours this bright blue paint that looks like it has a squishy consistency that is oh so nostalgic onto the case, covering the quote and the back of the case itself. Watching them spread it out and dry it is so cool to see and makes me want to try making one of my own for my iPhone!

Watch this Tik Tok:

9. Graphic T-shirt

Now, you simply cannot go wrong with a good graphic t-shirt. Especially, a t-shirt with your favorite musician, actor, or design on it. Tik Tok creator @erikamitterhoferr shows you just how easy, and incredibly satisfying, it is to make your own graphic t-shirt with whatever you want on it! Being able to witness them cutting out the photo, wrapping it in plastic wrap, ironing it onto the shirt, and then finally peeling off the plastic wrap is worth watching several times. Plus, it may even inspire you to make a few custom graphic t-shirts of your own in quarantine!

Watch This Tik Tok:

10. Bath Bombs With Essential Oils

Self-care is essential, especially in 2020. Number 10 on this list of DIY Tik Toks is all about bath bombs, which are such a fun addition to a soothing, warm bath! The creator of this DIY video is @honeybobabear and they show you how to make five different kinds of bath bombs at home, each with their own color and unique scent using food coloring and essential oils. Watching as they add in each ingredient and seeing the texture as the ingredients are mixed and squished together to form a homemade bath bomb is so awesome, I could not look away. This DIY will definitely be added to my to-do list for my next spa night!

Watch This Tik Tok:

These DIY Tik Toks are sure to entertain you and inspire you to create your own masterpieces at home! What are your top DIY Tik Toks? Let us know in the comments!
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