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Ranking of Texas Tech Residence Halls

Ranking of Texas Tech Residence Halls

Are you trying to find out which Texas Tech residence halls are the best? We ranked them from best to worst, so you're sure to find the right one for you!

Texas Tech has a wide variety of living options to choose from. The following is a ranking of the best (and worst) residence halls on campus. I highly recommend that all incoming students look at this list to determine which Texas Tech residence halls best fits your lifestyle preferences.


These first five residence halls are apartment and suite style (co-ed) and are usually taken by the upperclassmen who decide to stay living on campus. The first residence hall is one of the newest ones on campus; however, they are all furnished with a bed, dresser and desk. The suites come with the same and an additional sofa and some kitchen appliances, as well as a private bathroom. These residence halls are without a doubt the nicest and most modern halls on campus.


1. Talkington

2. West Village

3. Carpenter/Wells

4. Murray


5. Gordon Hall

This next residence hall, Bledsoe, has rooms for two or three people. It comes furnished with a bed, desk, and dresser along with a closet and sink as well as a community bathroom and shower. Bledsoe is usually home to engineering majors because of its proximity to the engineering key part of campus. It is also an all-boys residence hall.

6. Bledsoe

The next six residence halls are all traditional styled residence halls with two roommates, bed, dresser, closet and sink in each room. These halls also have community bathrooms and are co-ed by floor meaning that each floor is either all boys or all girls. Most of these halls have gone renovations through the past couple of years and are constantly being improved for all new and incoming students.


7. Murdough

8. Stangel

9. Wall

10. Gates

11. Hulen

12. Clement

Sneed is another traditional residence hall with spaces available for either two or three roommates. It also features the tech help center where students can go and use computers and printers that are available to them within the residence hall. It is right next to the Bledsoe residence hall and is also another all-boys hall housing many students within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) field.


13. Sneed

The following three residence halls are all within close proximity of each other; Coleman being co-ed and known to house international students, and Weymouth being an all boys hall and Chitwood being an all girls hall. These three residence halls are the biggest residence halls on campus having eleven floors for each building. These also come furnished with a bed, dresser, closet and sink in each room.

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14. Coleman

15. Chitwood

Texas Tech



16. Weymouth

These last two residence halls are all girl halls and house women that are in the STEM field. These residence halls are traditional ones and is located next to the Music building and the Student Union building. These residence halls are a bit outdated and have yet to go under any major renovations.

17. Horn

18. Knapp


All residence halls also have multiple study lounges, a front desk help center, mailboxes, laundry room access and have a small area where students are able to go buy hot meals and snacks. They also feature parking lots for the residents of those residence halls and students are able to park here if they have the correct parking permit. Bike racks are also available to students at all residence halls.

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