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The Ultimate Ranking Of Temple University Dorms

The Ultimate Ranking Of Temple University Dorms

Wish you got the inside scoop of which dorms to request before your freshman year? Here are a list of best to worst Temple University dorms.

Temple University has six dorms for freshman to live in. Each one has its own reputation and things students like or dislike. If you’re an incoming freshman, this might help you out when deciding where to live in the fall. This is the ultimate ranking of freshman Temple University dorms!

1. Morgan Hall

Morgan Hall is definitely the best dorm on campus. The rooms are mini-apartments that include a kitchenette and all have a beautiful view.

2. 1940 Hall

1940 is definitely the nicest of the three suite-style dorms on campus. It’s the closest to the academic buildings in relation to the three buildings on the North end of campus.


3. 1300 Hall

1300 is home to the honors college students. It is located right next to Morgan Hall and doesn’t have the dreaded wind tunnel.

4. White Hall

White Hall is the furthest dorm from campus. Located across Broad Street, it’ll take you an extra 10 minutes to get to campus because of the inability to easily cross Broad.

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5. Johnson & Hardwick Hall

Johnson and Hardwick is the nicest communal-style dorm on campus. The Esposito Dining Hall is located on the ground floor of the building, so it’s a very convenient location when there’s bad weather and you don’t want to leave the building.

6. Peabody Hall

RIP Peabody. As of the 2017-2018 school year, it will no longer be a housing option for freshman. It was the cheapest option on campus and gets a bad rep, but everyone who lived in it had an amazing freshman year.

Can you think of any other things to add about the Temple University dorms?! Comment below!
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