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Ranking Taylor Swift’s Award Show Looks: Worst To Best

Taylor Swift quite literally can do it all. She can sing, she can write her own music, she can act, she can perform, and for the most part, she can dress! Taylor has some amazing red carpet looks that will go down in history as iconic and absolutely stunning, but she also has some looks that are a bit more questionable. Here we will be taking a look at Taylor Swift’s award show looks- from the worst to the best!

1. 2007 American Music Awards

So, I think we can all agree this this is not one of Taylor Swift’s award show looks that wow her fans. Granted, 2007 was early in Taylor’s career and she was still finding her path as a singer and as a celebrity. The times have changed since then, but the black cowboy boots with the short semi-formal style black boots is not exactly an ideal outfit for Miss Swift. She for sure could have done better, but it is ok. She has surely redeemed herself as time has went on.

2. 2014 Teen Choice Awards

Ah, now this one is not as bad, but it honestly is not great. I will give it to her, it is a lot better than the previous dress shown. And it is seven years later which shows a lot of growth in Miss Swift’s fashion sense. This is not one of the best of Taylor Swift’s award show looks, she just kind of… looks like a little doll! I don’t mind the green, I just think given her status in the world as a huge celebrity, she could have done a lot better. Hopefully next time, Tay!

3. 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

A lot of people absolutely devoured this look by Taylor at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, but other people absolutely did not vibe with it. Sadly, I am one of those people. It is not a horrible look, but it definitely is not one of my favorites compared to others of Taylor Swift’s award show looks. The blue does look phenomenal on her, I just kind of get a baby diaper vibe from this look. She has surely done better!

4. 2021 Grammy Music Awards

Okay, I am sorry but I really don’t love this style on Taylor! I think that she can pull just about anything off, especially nowadays as she is such a huge icon in the music industry, but the different colored flowers all over this dress really just does not do it for me. Taylor Swift’s award show looks have always been pretty unique though, so I guess this fits that theme.

5. 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

Ahhh, now I can breathe a little easier. I really like this look on Tay! It definitely is not my favorite, but she pulls off the slight rainbow sequined look with her thick eyeliner and gorgeous accentuating heels. This 2015 MTV Video Music Awards look is one of Taylor Swift’s award show looks that made me start realizing, okay, there is hope for her fashion sense still.

6. 2019 Billboard Music Awards

Now, the next half of dresses from Taylor Swift’s award show looks were so hard for me to put in a specific order because they are all absolutely stunning in my opinion! This dress Taylor has on below is from the 2019 Billboard Music Awards and the color is gorgeous on her. I don’t think she wears enough lilac purple, and she should because I mean, look at her! She is stunning. The ruffles and lace detailing of the dress adds such a beautiful compliment to her great figure.

7. 2011 Billboard Music Awards

Here is another dress from Miss Swift that I absolutely love! It gives me prom vibes in the best way. Although it is full of sequins, it is simple and perfectly stunning. She has so much elegance with this look, and the iconic red lipstick and side swept curls is perfect with the dress! This was way back in 2011, but she still killed it. It will forever be one of my favorite of Taylor Swift’s award show looks!

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8. 2016 Grammy Music Awards

Wow. Is all I have to say here. Taylor looks gorgeous in this dress. In 2016, the two piece still was just becoming more relevant in fashion, and she for sure made a fashion statement that year at the Grammy’s! The pink skirt is stunning, especially with the slit showing off her slim yet muscular legs. And the orange top is so complimentary to the skirt, and obviously her lipstick has to match too! And the hair, do not get me started. Her short hair phase with the full bangs is so iconic. A real life Barbie doll!

9. 2018 American Music Awards

Disco Ball, but make it fashion. Some people may say this is too much of a bright metal head vibe, but I absolutely adore it. Taylor is so stunning here with her hairdo and outfit. For an award show, this dress could literally not be any more perfect! And I just love how the thigh high boots match the dress. Her dark eyeliner, simple earrings and makeup, and poofed up hair really ties everything together. She is marvelous!

10. 2019 MTV Video Music Awards

This is my absolute ALL TIME FAVORITE outfit worn by Taylor at any award show!! I mean, come on! She is gorgeous! Her hair? Perfectly waved. Her skin? Perfectly flawless with bright lipstick. Her outfit is so colorful, stylish and fun. She brought shoulder pads back into style, I swear! The bright outfit with sequins with the contrast of black boots with little glittery dots makes her stand out in a crowd like no other. Bravo, Taylor, you have won the style game.

As you can see, Taylor Swift’s award show looks have changed over the years, especially as she has gotten older and found her true voice and style in the world. What are your favorites, and least favorites, when it comes to Taylor Swift’s award show looks? Share with us below, because there are so many different Taylor Swift red carpet looks out there!

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