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Ranking Of Places To Hook Up At Boston University

Ranking Of Places To Hook Up At Boston University

You're in college now, so where is there to rendezvous at BU? Here's a ranking of places to hook up at Boston University, from best to worst.

College is a place where you get to meet all kinds of people from all over the world. Some people you meet are people who you ask for help on chemistry homework, and others, well let’s just say the chemistry is already there. So where is there to rendezvous at Boston University? Here’s a ranking of every hook up spot at BU, from best to worst.

1. Apartment

If you’re into the older students or are old enough to have an off campus place, then an apartment   is the best spot. Privacy is the prime feature of hooking up at an apartment, along with the ability to stay as long as you like.

2. Your dorm room

For those who are underclassmen, the next best option is your dorm room. Of course, this option comes with some cons. Kicking the roommate out is always awkward and unsettling, and those twin beds are either way up or lofted, imposing a hazard to safety. But hey, at least you don’t have to walk back the next morning in the clothes you obviously wore the night before.



3. His/her dorm room

Again, the room mate gets kicked out and exiled for a few hours or the whole night. But this time, you’re the one who has to do the walk of shame the morning after.

4. Mugar Library

Alright, now this is where hook up places get a little… public. Once you reach the fourth floor and above at Mugar Library, the floors begin to look empty and isolate. This makes for the perfect make out spot where you can get some sort of privacy. Of course, the lighting makes the library look like a scene out of a horror movie, but you can’t complain, right?


5. Another college’s frat party

Hooking up at a frat party at MIT, Harvard, Berklee, Northeastern, or Boston College is somewhat alright. The lighting is dim, you may or may not be very intoxicated, and chances are, you probably won’t see this girl or guy again since you don’t even attend this school. The odds of an awkward run-in the following week is very, very low.

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6. BU frat party (typically the basement)

Now, if you’re really desperate to hook-up with someone, then a BU frat is the place for you. Not only is a BU frat party located in a dirty, dark basement, you may hookup with someone you know or have classes with. The chance of running into this person increase ten-fold.

During your four year journey at BU, I’m sure you’ll hit all these hook up places at least once. Here’s to hoping that number 6 only happens once.

Do you know of any other places to hook up at Boston University? What are your personal favorite hookup spots? Share in the comments below!
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