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Ranking Of The Worst Pizza Places At UTD

Ranking Of The Worst Pizza Places At UTD

Pizza is no joke. It is life. It is all food groups at once and it saves our lives many times over. It is super good straight from the oven…errr microwave and doesn’t lose its charm even when it’s cold. However, because we spend a lot of our time trying the latest or rather closest pizza places we know a faux pizza when we taste one. The best options will be on campus so don’t be fooled by the proximity of some of the others. Keep reading for the ranking of the worst pizza places at UTD!

1. Russo’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria

If you happen to be off campus, Russo’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria has the best deal. Crust on pizza is neither too thick nor too thin; they offer up to 4 toppings on a whole pizza, single slices are pretty sizable. Be specific as to what toppings you want or do not want. Do not assume that if you order a pizza it will automatically be a pepperoni they will give you a cheese pizza.


2. Subway

Your personal pizza done your way. Yes, Subway—known for subs not pizza, yet they have the ‘personal’ pizza down to perfection. You can put pretty much anything on your pizza from a big variety of veggies and meats. Their personal pizza is pretty personal size, however it is thick which can usually be taken for doughy at other pizza places, but at Subway it works. It keeps you full longer and the price is pretty fair if you don’t include a fountain soda.


3. Jason’s Deli

While Jason’s Deli doesn’t specialize in pizza and it can be found in ‘gasp’ the kid’s menu—everyone on a budget orders from the kid’s menu at some point it’s a fact of life and a rite of passage—so don’t sweat it. Pizza at Jason’s Deli is pretty decent; it’s nice and toasty, not too doughy, and a perfect ratio of cheese to pepperoni. However, it is a little flat which is perfect if you plan on eating something else with it. But if you plan on making it your meal for a couple of hours keep those things in mind.


4. Papa John’s

Papa John’s is a main chain pizza place. While the pizza is usually pretty good while it’s warm and straight from the oven once it gets cold it’s flavors seem to challenge your taste buds. For the Papa John’s on-campus the tomato sauce is a little acidic too and separates a little once it begins to cool down it dries and the crust can become a little chewy and hard. Nothing a good warming up can’t fix, but if you’re taking your pizza to go or don’t have access to a microwave mid lecture it’s pretty much a goner.

5. Dining Hall West


Talk about cheesy goodness and not enough pepperoni. Cheese pizza is a winner though if you’re super into cheese. The crust is nice and soft although it can get to be doughy.


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6. Palio’s Pizza Café

This is the place to go if you’re looking for gluten-free pizza options. However if you’re looking for vegetarian options those are quite limited. Their entire menu is very straightforward, the pizza crust is pretty good, it has a nice fluff to it, and it’s not chewy which is a plus. The only thing that’s a little iffy is their turn around on the pizzas—it takes a little longer than usual.



7. Verona Italian Café

Their menu is vast! Too many things are happening on that menu. The pizza is decent and overpriced for what you get. However, there are other options on their menu that are less steep than their pizza.

8. Soprano’s Pizza & Subs

Hit and miss pizza alert. Some pizzas are too doughy at the crust while others will be super thin. It is typically empty around noon and has been known to lack customer service skills. Next.

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