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Ranking Of The Worst Dorms At Syracuse University

Ranking Of The Worst Dorms At Syracuse University

Are you trying to decide which dorm to live in next year at SU? Fortunately, we have a ranking of the worst dorms at Syracuse University. Avoid these!

So, you’re an incoming freshman. Chances are you’ve been assigned to one of these dorms on the Syracuse campus. Have no fear, you’re going to have a kick ass freshman year regardless of where you live. However, some of these dorms are definitely a little nicer than the others. Keep reading for the worst dorms at Syracuse University.

1. Flint and Day Halls

Although arguably the best views of campus come from Flint and Day, there’s no denying Mount Olympus blows. The stairs, the drunk stairs, the driveway up, there’s no easy way about it (unless you manage to get on the East Campus bus up the hill). The dorms aren’t updated like the majority of campus in these two, but you do have the Junction to make up for it all.


2. Sadler and Lawrinson

Late to your 8:25 AM statistics class? Sorry, you’re screwed. Sadler and Lawrinson are located in East Bum Fuck, Syracuse 13210. They do have a great dining hall, but that in no way makes up for the despair of those living on the top floor of Lawrinson during a fire drill.



3. Brewster/Boland/Brockway

A friendly neighbor of Sadler and Lawrinson, BBB hosts the main stomping ground of freshman. However, when you tell your upperclassman hookup where you live, don’t be too surprised if they start inviting you back to their¬†place.¬†Between their own dining hall, gym, and parking garage this place isn’t too terrible- until you climb the Falk building stairs. (Insider tip: there’s an elevator in the VA parking garage)

4. Haven Hall

Ah, the good old toilet bowl. This dorm is pretty chill- if you’re a sophomore. This hall is a prime location for sophomores and juniors living on campus. On one hand you’ll make some great slightly-older friends, on the other, you’ll most definitely get chastised by those already in Greek life.

5. Dellplain Hall

Also known as DP, Dellplain Hall is going to host the majority of your freshman and sophomore pregames. It’s steps away from Ernie, and an all downhill journey to the bars and frat parties. Just don’t mind the prison-like decor.


6. Watson Hall

Yet again, you might be neighbors with mostly drunk sophomores if you get assigned to Watson. The rooms are really nice, and the courtyard is even nicer. Plus, I heard there were only 47 cockroach sightings last semester!

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7. Shaw Hall

Prime location for Euclid parties? Smoothies in the dining hall? Recently renovated rooms? Shaw’s got it all. Shaw is a great contender for “best dorm,” as long as you don’t expect any pregames going on down the hall.

8. Ernie Davis Hall

2 words: air conditioning. Although it’s not the icy blast we’re used to at home, there’s no complaining allowed from Ernie Davis residents those first few weeks of school. You also get a mini-market, not-too-shabby dining hall, mediocre gym, and access to the great DellPlain pregames. What’s not to love? Plus, we all love our legend, Ernie Davis #44.


What do you think of this list of the worst dorms at Syracuse University? Comment below!
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