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Ranking Of The Worst Dorms At SMU

Ranking Of The Worst Dorms At SMU

Are you trying to find the best dorms at SMU? Well make sure to watch out for these dorms - keep reading for the ultimate ranking of the worst dorms at SMU!

Are you trying to find out the best dorms at SMU? What you should be worried about is avoiding the worst dorms on campus! Keep reading for the ultimate ranking of the worst dorms at SMU!

1. Boaz

Boaz is the oldest on campus which automatically qualifies it as worst. Yet, on the upside the location is prime for classes.


2. McElvaney/MoMac/Cockerell-McIntosh

These are all more old dorms that probably need some updates. Depending on how you look at it, having “the dirty third” in McElvaney could be a positive thing or negative. Having Mac’s right downstairs is definitely the best part in living in these dorms.

3. Loyd

Loyd doesn’t get talked about too much which is why it’s so high on the list. It’s convenient for walking to the parking garage, but you pay a price when you want to go pretty much anywhere else.



4. Ware

Ware is a really nice, new dorm with a cool structure. It has a good location for everything but classes (just like every new dorm).


5. Kathy Crow

Again, Kathy Crow isn’t talked about a lot either. Since it’s new, that plays a huge advantage when ranking, but it’s definitely a struggle to get to classes.


6. Crum

Crum has great people, an awesome dorm dog, and is good walking distance to shops on Mockingbird. Dallas Hall (and all of the other academic buildings) are a mile away which plays a big part in this middle ranking.

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7. VS

VS has a prime location which is why it made it so far down on the list. While most people I know who live there aren’t too happy with the quality, the location definitely makes up for it.



MHPS is another dorm with a great location by Snider Plaza. The rooms are big, they’re suite style, and they’re close to classes and Umph. Even the fact that they’re old dorms don’t hold it back from being #9.

9. Armstrong

Armstrong comes in as the best because of the fact that it’s a new dorm, and the people who live there are all great. It has a great location by the gym, Arnold, and all of the stores on Mockingbird.

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