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Ranking Of The Worst Dorms At Ole Miss

Ranking Of The Worst Dorms At Ole Miss

Everyone always wants to know what the best dorms are but what about the worst dorms at Ole Miss? Here's the ultimate ranking so you don't get stuck in one!

One of the first major discussions at Ole Miss, before arriving on campus, is where do I want to live my first year on campus. Ole Miss gives students the choice between two very different styles of living. First, there is the traditional style of living. This is the style that most people associate living in college is like. Community bathrooms, small rooms, and tiny closets are just the beginning. Traditional style of living is usually for the more social people but if that is not you, then Ole Miss offers a contemporary style of living. This is the route to take if you like everything new and clean. Bigger rooms, bathrooms per room, and nicer amenities, this style of living makes traditional look like a dump. Contemporary living might cost a few extra dollars but it will be worth it. But there are some dorms on campus to avoid at all cost. So here are the worst dorms at Ole Miss!

1. Deaton Hall

Deaton Hall is the worst dorm at Ole Miss. It has a lingering musty smell constantly. The rooms are slightly smaller than those of the other dorms. Also, all next year there will be construction on the Student Union, so probably will be unable to take those afternoon naps. But the main reason this dorm is so undesirable is the rumors of Deaton being haunted. The spirit of Eula Deaton is believed to be the cause of two students in the 1980’s. But at least your centrally located makes it easy to get to class and away from the ghost.

2. Stewart Hall

Stewart Hall is the worst girl’s dorm at Ole Miss. It is a traditional style living like, Martin and Crosby, except that Stewart doesn’t have the atmosphere of the other two. If you haven’t been around the Ole Miss campus for a long time, you probably won’t know where Stewart is located. It is almost hidden being surrounded by trees. Stewart is a part of central parking as well, which makes it tough to find a spot. Try to avoid of living in this dorm.


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3. Minor Hall

Minor the least know of the dorms called the Ridges. This dorm is a contemporary style of living. Minor Hall was built in 2011, which makes it fairly new on the Ole Miss campus. It has a POD Market and a Papa John’s in the dorm. So I bet you are wondering, why is this dorm one of the worst? Minor Hall is for students with high academic records, so they are very strict on noise complaints. Even though each room is air-conditioned, the air-conditioner breaks often and is a hassle to get maintenance to fix. So, if you are looking for a more social dorm at Ole Miss, then don’t choose to live in Minor.


4. Brown Hall

Brown Hall is one of the oldest dorms at Ole Miss, built in 1961. If only those walls could talk and tells us about the glory days of Ole Miss. To put this in perspective how bad brown is, My Dad lived in Brown Hall in the 1980’s and to quote “Brown Hall was a dump”. Now I’m sure Ole Miss has updated it since 1961, but it doesn’t look like it from the outside. The only two goods thigs about Brown Hall is it is centrally located and it houses the package center for the university. So if your parents plan to ship you a lot of mail, I guess you should choose this dorm but don’t.

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5. Hefley Hall

I honestly didn’t know Hefley Hall was a girl’s dorm until midway through my first semester sophomore. Hefley Hall was built in 1959 and then renovated in 2001. That is almost 16 years since the hall has been updated. I can’t imagine a lot of girls wanting to live in a place that old. It is located near the Union, which will be under construction all of next year. But it is very centrally located on campus. Not the worst dorm by any means, just be ready for the question “You live in Hefley Hall, where is that?”

What do you think the worst dorms at Ole Miss are? Comment below!
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