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Ranking Of The Worst Dorms At Notre Dame

Ranking Of The Worst Dorms At Notre Dame

Ranking Of The Worst Dorms At Notre Dame

Even the fighting Irish have their grievances against dorm life. Read on and check out our ranking of the worst dorms at Notre Dame.

10. Haggar Hall

Here, you’ll be sleeping on top of the world-renowned Notre Dame psychology department. They can be a little noisy!

9.  O’Neill Center for Students

a.k.a. “OCS” or “Crossroads”–A new home for people taken out of the cool dorms! Love the noise of the football stadium!

8. Stepan Center

This geodesic dome is probably the coolest building on Notre Dame’s campus. Don’t be fooled, however! It’s held together with duct tape and the ventilation is terrible!

7. Morrissey Manor

The highest cost per square foot in the country! Harry Potter had more room under the stairs! Manor? Hardly know her!

6. Morris Hall

a.k.a. “Morris Inn”-If you stay here, expect a steep price! Wowza–college student much?


5. Alumni Hall

Legacy only! Sad! Wish I could get in, but my last name isn’t Jenkins!

4. Flaherty Hall

This “new” dorm is basically empty! Got character? No.

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3. Ryan Hall

a.k.a. “Motel Ryan”- Ever wanted to live in a sleazy motel? Probably not, but if you’re put in Motel Ryan, you’ll have to! If you ever get cold at night, there’s always cockroaches and bed bugs to keep you warm.


2. DeBartolo Hall

A few select members of DeBartolo “DeBart” Hall get large rooms almost large enough for a lecture, but the vast majority get small, seminar-size dorms.

1. Keenan Hall

Ever wanted to live in a 60’s-era prison? Well, your wish just came true! Their Hall of the Year awards are reverse-engineered–they actually pay the school money to put up those banners!

What do you think about our ranking of the dorms at Notre Dame’s dorms? Let us know in the comments below!
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