Ranking Of The Worst Dorms At James Madison University

We've put together the ultimate ranking of the worst dorms at James Madison University. You don't want to live in these dorms your freshman year.

As you eagerly await your e-mail from James Madison University allowing you to rank your first-year living locations, you try and play back in your head your tour of the campus and dorms from earlier in the year. Trying to match which dorm was which building becomes harder and harder as you realized you were lost for 85% of the tour. ¬†Have no fear!¬† Here’s the ranking of the worst dorms at James Madison University from worst to best:

1. Eagle Hall ( The Dirty Bird )

The name written above in parentheses is not just a funny nickname, it is very accurate. From the outside Eagle Hall screams 70’s. Which clearly explains the floor communal bathrooms, that are shared with so many people to notice if they are ever clean for more than 10 minutes out of the day. Traditional dorm style puts you in a cubicle with a room mate that will test your patience and social skills. If one sock is one the floor the room will shrink 3x smaller and claustrophobia will sink in. Last but not least, no air conditioning….excuse me, NO AIR CONDITIONING!…run.


2. The Village

These buildings are communal style dormitories. Therefore, they have 3 rooms with two people per room that share a common room and a bathroom. The common room makes the area spaced out and will put your claustrophobia to rest. They have a very convenient location where they are not too far from anywhere on campus. Once you get through the bomb shelter-esque windowless hallways, its not too bad. During your freshman year you will spend a lot of time in The Village, many amazing people live there. Again, no air conditioning.



3. Hillside

Hillside is Eagle Hall’s rich successful younger sibling. It is everything Eagle Hall is, but better in every way. Not only do you open the door to cool refreshing air conditioning, but the ambience is more luminous and inviting. This is a traditional style building that has an overall cleaner, spacious feel. You can have an article of clothing on your floor without the shrinking room. You will also spend a lot of time in Hillside your freshman year, but this time not for the people, for the air conditioning.

4. Skyline

Skyline and Bluestone are without a doubt the top dorms at James Madison University but deciding which one ranks lower is hard. I am choosing skyline because of the inconvenient location. From the outside, they look like amazing apartment buildings. Its not very deceiving. Inside skyline is new and clean and amazing. This is also a traditional style layout. People who live in Eagle and The Village despise the people who live here. Air conditioning, open spaces, and windows. Skyline has got it all!

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5. Bluestone

Ah we have finally made it, Bluestone buildings are what James Madison University represents, beautiful limestone. It is what all the buildings on The Quad are made out of and Bluestone is right there with it. People who do not live here see the residents as living in luxury. These dorms are Jack and Jill style. It is a two person room that shares a single bathroom with the room next door. Walking into Bluestone is similar to walking into a resort, poor people in Eagle Hall…..

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