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Ranking Of The Best College Bars In Tallahassee

Ranking Of The Best College Bars In Tallahassee

The best college bars in Tallahassee are here. Here are the best bars in Tallahassee for college students. Find out the best college bars in Tallahassee.

Tallahassee is known for its nightlife. Being that there is over 40,000 people who attend Florida State University, there is a large variety of bars for students to enjoy on their free time. There is literally something to do every single night in Tallahassee. If you are going to Tallahassee for the weekend, you know exactly where to find the majority of FSU students. Here’s a list of the best college bars in Tallahassee:

1. The Standard:

Tallahassee’s most loved bar. For late night fun, go Thursday and for the best happy hour in town, this is the place to be. Laser lights flashing, napkins flying and music pumping, clearly Standard is the spot. As the bar hits capacity by 11 p.m. body heat rises making the bar a bit stuffy. This could be the only negative thing about this crowd pleasing bar. Guys have been known to complain about the heat but they stay for the volume of girls.



2. Clyde’s & Costello’s

On Monday night, definitely start your week off right and go to Clyde’s. With Top Tier hosting “Mandatory Make out Mondays,” it’s always lit. Not only is Clyde’s the move for Monday nights but it’s also packed for happy hour on Friday. To accommodate student budgets Clyde’s and Standard offer entrance to both bars for only one cover price. Another added bonus to encourage students to come to Clyde’s on Monday’s, man pong is made available for a cash prize.

3. Recess:

Probably the most unique bar in town, it’s on a rooftop and almost all outside. There is also an enticing pool in front of the DJ booth, making it the perfect spot for pool parties on Sundays. Tuesday is the best night to go to Recess because you are lured in by the $2 shots and wells until midnight. This is a HUGE discount from their usual pricey drinks.

4. TENN:

If you’re alive after Friday happy hour you know you’re going to TENN. Top Tier regularly hosts and you’re guaranteed to have a wild time. There’s always two of the hottest DJ’s supplying the funk and no one ever leaves in search of a better time. There is no struggle to get a drink because they are well staffed and you get served immediately. The $5 Y-Bombs make up for the over-priced cover.


5. Baja’s:

Formerly known as Tabu, Baja’s has taken over and been revived. After the much loved Coliseum sold to Target, RIP Coli, Baja’s made a comeback and strong one, at that. Saturday is when students flock to Baja’s. Neon lighted “icicles” dangle from the ceiling making it the most ascetically pleasing bar in Tallahassee. It’s no wonder it makes the list for  best college bars in Tallahassee.

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6. Potbelly’s:

I have nothing against Pots but as a senior I have moved on. Being that Pots is the closest bar to campus, a lot of freshman walk over there. On Thursdays, Pots has a $10 AYCD special, better known as Purgatory, and freshman live for that shit. I mean it’s a great deal but I have upgraded to Thursday nights at Standard.


7. The Strip:

If you like a less packed environment, the Strip is for you. The name doesn’t refer to a strip club, this group of bars is truly a strip of bars next to each other on one side of the street. The Strip has four total bars and only one cover to get into all of them. Those bars include: Ken’s Tavern, TENN, RedRocks and Yanni’s. Like Pots, the Strip is across the street from campus dorms, as a result bringing in a lot of freshman. The Strip is notoriously known for their Wednesday party in the summer, White Trash Wednesdays.

8.  Township and Madison Social:

By no means am I saying these bars are at the bottom of the totem pole. Madison Social and Township are the type of place you take your parents to when they’re in town, the type of place you grab brunch and a mimosa on Sundays. These bars differ greatly from the rest of the bars on this list because they serve food, specialty cocktails and craft beers. Hope you enjoyed reading about the  best college bars in Tallahassee.

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