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Ranking Of Places To Hookup At Loyola University Chicago

Ranking Of Places To Hookup At Loyola University Chicago

Are you looking for new and exciting places to hookup? While there are many romantic places to hook up in Chicago, why look further than your own campus? Here are the top 10 greatest spots to hookup at Loyola University Chicago!

10. Mundelein Palm Court

Literally get high at one of the most scenic spots on campus. You’ll score another date before you can say “Loyola” five times fast. Talk about a tongue twister.

9. Engrained Cafe

For a locally sourced and eco-friendly study sesh.


8. Cudahy Library

You’ll be checking out more than just that ECON 201 textbook.

7. The IC

The higher and quieter the floor, the better.

6. Mertz Elevator

Even while it’s stuck, you can still ride this elevator all the way down. And for all the haters that demand “pics or it didn’t happen”, you can whip out the security footage to prove it.


5. Your Bio Class

Add anatomy to the syllabus.


4. Halas Rock Wall

Sure to get your spidey senses tingling.

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3. Loyola Beach

If long walks on the beach are your thing, take advantage of this spot during the two seconds out of the year that it isn’t below freezing. But during the winter months, when the beach looks like frozen tundra, a polar bear plunge in Lake Michigan doesn’t seem as appealing. See how long you can last hooking up in February before your lips freeze together.

2. Madonna Della Strada Chapel

Ok, this is too far. Don’t you have any respect? At least wait until marriage for this one.

1. Your Dorm Room

By far everyone’s go to hook up spot. For a school that preaches its Jesuit mission of “preparing students to lead extraordinary lives”, I’d expect you all to think outside the box a bit, instead of resorting to the most generic option possible. Because yes, it is everyone’s college dream to hook up beneath a mosaic of taped up polaroids featuring the unfaltering smiles and duck faces of you and your high school friends from back home, while repeated thumps remind your neighbors that you forgot to put socks between the bedposts and the wall again. Since when do Ramblers settle for “just ok”? Whether it’s the 2am booty call or the quickie after class while your roommate’s out, good ‘ol dorm room doin’ it is just as basic as it is dependable. Do better.


So there you have it, the best places to hookup at Loyola University Chicago, see how many you can check off your fuck it list. Safe snogging and consenting kissing only. Leave a comment if any of you risk takers have anywhere to add.
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