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The Ultimate Honest Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At UGA

The Ultimate Honest Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At UGA

Take a look at the ranking of freshman dorms at college. Check out the best places to live on campus and what different dorms have to offer!

Choosing your freshman dorm is one of the most exciting and stressful things you can do as an incoming college freshman. If you are going to the University of Georgia than you know that as a freshman you are required to live on campus. To help you make your decision on which dorm is right for you, here is an ultimate ranking of freshman dorms at the University of Georgia. Disclaimer: I have included all dorms that are possible for an incoming freshman at the University of Georgia to receive even though some of them are not technically freshman dorms. Freshman are still eligible to live in non-freshman dorms but of course they are way more competitive. For best chances for any dorm, especially the ones at that top of the list that are not freshman dorms, apply for housing as soon as possible! Take a look at this ranking of freshman dorms that you will love!

1.Building 1516

This dorm is not considered a freshman dorm but if you apply housing as soon as possible you could still be given this dorm. I lived here as a freshman at the University of Georgia and I loved it. The dorm itself is the biggest out of all the option at UGA. The building is mostly double rooms but there are a few single rooms (you are unlikely to get a single room as a freshman however). The room has its very own bathroom with a sink , shower, and toilet. The building is 6 floors with a kitchen on all odd floors and a laundry room on all even floors. Each floor has many study rooms and there is very accessible trash room that you will pass each time you leave the building. The dorm is located on east campus which is by a dinning hall and the only gym on campus. There is a UGA bus stop very close by as well as many parking lots. If you are an art, music, or sports med student this building is for you. The music school, art school, and sports medicine school are all within walking distance. If you plan to spend a lot of time near the center of campus and closer to the freshman dorms, I would recommend choosing a more centrally located dorm. This is one of the top places on the ranking of freshman dorms.

2.Reed Hall

This dorm is sometimes considered a freshman dorm and sometimes not. I personally would consider Reed Hall a freshman dorm due to the number of freshman who live there. This dorm also has its own bathroom with a sink, shower, and toilet. This room itself is a little smaller than that of 1516 but still bigger than the traditional freshman dorm. The location of this dorm is more centrally located in regards to the focal point of campus. There is a dinning hall within walking distance and many bus stops near by.

3.O House

This is one of the 5 freshman dorms on the University of Georgia campus. That being said, as an incoming college freshman you will have a higher chance of receiving this dorm. These dorms are a little smaller and look more like the traditional dorm set-ups. You will still have room for a futon under one of the beds but not much else. This dorm is a suite style dorm, meaning two rooms are connected and share one bathroom that has a toilet and shower. Each room will have a sink. The location of this dorm is directly next to a dinning hall (however this dinning is not open on the weekends) and a bus stop and a few parking lots. As far as true freshman dorms go, this one is one of the better ones.

4.Church, Hill, and Bogs Hall

These are a collection of dorms that are almost identical. Space in these dorms are limited because each building is only four floors. The dorms themselves are very spacious and give you plenty of room. Each room will have a sink and mirror. Each floor has a communal bathroom at the end of the hall. Since the building is only four floors, there is no elevator in these dorms. The location of these dorms are pretty centrally located. They are in between two dinning halls and a few bus stops. One or two of these dorms will be gender specific each year and the third one will be co-ed.

5.Rutherford, Mell, and Myers

These dorms are reserved for incoming college freshman that are a part of the honors college at the University of Georgia. That being said, there is nothing special about them. The rooms are a little bigger than the traditional freshman dorm set-up but nothing outrageous. Each room will have a sink and a mirror. Every floor will have a communal bathroom at the end of the hall. The location of these dorms is one of the best however. There are a few bus stops as well as three (THREE) dinning halls within walking distance from these dorms. One perk of these dorms is Myers quad. In the center of these dorms is a decently sized grass quad that is great for hanging out and there is always something going on there.

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6.Russel, Creswell, and Brumby Hall

These three dorms are THE freshman dorms of the University of Georgia. These dorms are considered to be the high rises of campus since each building is either 9 or 10 floors. Currently the university is working on remolding these dorms so depending on when you are applying, one of the three of these dorms may not be available. The dorm itself is very small but you will still have room for a futon under one of the lofted beds. Unlike the other dorms, there will be no sink and mirror in each room and instead there will be a communal bathroom at the end of each hall. If you are late applying for housing I can almost guarantee you that you will receive one of these dorms. The location of these dorms is very close to the center of campus, the main dinning hall (Bolton), and a few bus stops. If you think of the stereotypical dorm that your parents probably told you about, these are it. These dorms are very tight and have a lot of people in one place, however, that does not mean you are not going to be happy here. If you are a very social person I would even say these dorms are probably for you. My sister lived in Russel Hall her freshman year at the University of Georgia and loved it! This is on the ranking of freshman dorms because it is one that can’t be beat.

These rankings are based on my own personal experience and those of my friends at the University of Georgia. UGA is always building something and changing its’ policies so I may have left out some dorms from this list that either I did not know much about or were not available when I was a freshman at the University of Georgia. That being said, I would recommend checking out the university’s housing page for the most updated information. If you get a dorm that you did not want don’t let it ruin your time at UGA. I promise you that even if you don’t get your preferred freshman dorm you will still have an amazing freshman year. Good Luck! We hope you enjoyed this ranking of freshman dorms!

Which of these ranking of freshman dorms do you most agree with? Let us know in the comments.

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