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Ranking Marvel TV Shows So You Don’t Have To

2021 has brought a lot of new, amazing television shows to all your favorite streaming services, and Marvel TV Shows have become some of the most-watched of the year. Whether you like the old favorites (like “Agent Carter” or “The Defenders”) or the most recent releases (Like “Loki”), there are definitely pros and cons to each of them. Here is our list of Marvel TV Shows ranked from best to absolute worst.

1. Agent Carter

By far my favorite of the Marvel TV shows, Agent Carter was incredibly well made and integrated smoothly with the films. The acting was phenomenal, the costumes and settings were great, and the characters were incredibly lovable and well performed. However, it was canceled after only two seasons, so not getting to see the end is super disappointing.

2. The Falcon & The Winter Soldier

One of the newest of the Marvel TV shows, “The Falcon & The Winter Soldier” did a great job of continuing the story arcs left from the end of “Endgame.” It’s only 6 episodes, so it’s not the commitment yet of longer shows with multiple seasons, like “Agents of Shield,” but it also leaves room for more story if Marvel decides to continue it.

3. Luke Cage

I was really excited when the list of Marvel TV shows started including individual stories for lesser-known, such as with the members of the Defenders. And while some were just alright or absolutely awful, Luke Cage was an absolutely amazing adaptation of the comic book hero’s story. It was really well connected to the other Defenders’ shows, with the character showing up originally in “Jessica Jones” before his own show was released. The acting is phenomenal, the cinematography is really well done, and it deserves a spot in the top ranks of Marvel TV Shows.

4. Jessica Jones

Speaking of “Jessica Jones,” this was another of Marvel TV shows that concentrated on the members of the Defenders, and it is phenomenally done. It’s just dark enough to feel more adult than the other Marvel movies, and the characters are real and gritty – both lovable and incredibly unlikeable simultaneously. Plus, Jessica Jones kicks ass and doesn’t care about anything, and we love that for her.

5. Agents of Shield

“Agents of Shield” was one of the longest-running of Marvel TV shows, and having watched all seven seasons, I can honestly say that it’s still one of my favorites. It had some iffy story arcs that weren’t super interesting and may have gone on a little too long, but I genuinely loved the ending. And the diversity of the characters’ backgrounds and personalities was a win for me.

6. Daredevil

Yet another of the Defenders-oriented Marvel TV shows, “Daredevil” has been one of Marvel’s most popular shows. It also kept the dark, gritty feel of the other Defenders’ stories, and had some amazingly interesting and complex characters. While it also seemed to run a bit long at times, overall it was a really great television show. Plus, the characters were complex and diverse, and we love to see that in our favorite shows.

7. WandaVision

Another one of the newest of Marvel’s TV shows, “WandaVision” saw a huge watcher turnout when it was first released. The cinematography was fantastic, with the colors and scenes reminiscent of shows released throughout various decades. The storyline unfolds pretty slowly, but I really enjoyed being able to see the little moments that foreshadowed the ending spliced into a seemingly comedic, nondescript show. And the complexity of the characters, the blurred line between right and wrong/moral and immoral was incredibly well done.

8. Cloak & Dagger

One of Freeform’s Marvel TV shows, “Cloak and Dagger” was unlike any other Marvel show. It’s an earnest and emotional teen drama mixed with Marvel magic and action, an amazing coming-of-age story that was also cut short after only two seasons. It’s not one of my personal favorites, but I found it to be incredibly well done and still highly suggest it to anyone looking for new shows to watch.

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9. Loki

The newest of the Marvel TV shows on the list, “Loki” is still in the middle of being released when this article is being written. So far, it’s a surprisingly funny show, and the scenes and setting are really interesting. Plus, Owen Wilson being in a Marvel show was completely unexpected. However, right now the storyline is unclear and confusing. Hopefully, the end helps to clarify some of the unanswered questions.

10. The Defenders

Three out of four of the individual Defenders Marvel TV shows were good, so the crossover series should be just as amazing right? Unfortunately no – for the most part, the show wasn’t very interesting, and Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil all did better staying with their own shows. While Iron Fist was more likable as a character in “The Defenders” than in his own show, it still wasn’t enough to save the series as a whole.

11. Marvel’s Runaways

I had really high hopes for this one – another teen drama and magical action-adventure series seemed like a great mix for Marvel TV shows. While “Cloak and Dagger” did an amazing job with mixing the two genres, “Runaways” was much more disappointing. The characters themselves weren’t super likable as individuals, and the storyline was super chaotic and needed a lot of work. There were some good, interesting parts that kept me watching, but eventually, it just felt like too much.

12. Iron Fist

“Iron Fist” is by far one of the worst Marvel TV shows to ever be made. Three of the individual Defenders shows were amazing, so it was extra disappointing that Iron Fist was so bad. The acting was really bad, and a lot of the scenes felt really uncomfortable to watch on the basis of cultural appropriation. Even without culturally insensitive aspects, we can all agree that it’s just a boring mess of a show that was a disappointment compared to the other, better ones available.

Have your own opinions on how Marvel TV Shows should be ranked? Tell us in the comments!

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