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Ultimate Ranking of OU Housing

In honor of the school year ending and a new one coming up it only seems appropriate that we rank the residence halls for the new freshmen who will be walking the bricks of Ohio University soon. Keep reading for the ultimate ranking of OU housing and dorms!

**These residence halls are listed by South, West and East greens and then ranked by amenity, location and convenience.

**Price points can be found on Ohio University’s website.

The New Dorms (Luchs, Sowle, Tanaka and Carr)

These dorms are the newest (as to why they are still referred to as ‘The New Dorms’). They are conveniently located, have all the bells and whistles, and probably still smell like new carpet. The rooms are set up in suite style and have shared bathrooms. They also have temperature controls, elevators, and a special place to fill your water bottle next to the water fountains. Along with study lounges and informal lounges and the Living Learning Center nearby, these halls are almost too good to be true. Carr and Sowle are for returning students only, while Tanaka is for first year students only. Luchs is a hall for both first year and returning students.

West Green

Bromley Hall

This hall is a renovated hotel (which means ELEVATORS!!) Bromley is located right off of Court Street. It is air conditioned and has suite styles, triples and quads. Bromley also has a laundry facility in the building. Bromley also has multiple lounges.


Boyd Hall

Maybe I’m biased: I lived in Boyd my sophomore year. Boyd has a new dining hall right below it and is relatively close to the laundry facility (below Treudley.) Boyd is a short walk away from Court Street and Baker Center. Rooms are mainly doubles and triples. There are some singles (only available for upperclassman). Lounges on every floor and air conditioning make Boyd a top choice for West Green living.

James Hall, Sargent Hall, Treudley Hall

James Hall has a lobby on the first floor which is great for studying as well as a study lounge. Air conditioning and a short walk to the laundry facility and Baker Center make these halls a great option.

Wilson Hall

This supposedly haunted hall is incredibly similar to James Hall. Wilson Hall is home to many mysterious legends about a past student haunting the halls. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, air conditioning and study lounges make Wilson a great housing option.

Convocation Center

The ‘convo’ as it is commonly known is the home of Bobcat Basketball and games go on right underneath your house. The rooms are sound proofed, but expect lots of noise. The convo is air conditioned, but the desks in the room are non-moveable. All the rooms are quads and two separate quads share a bathroom.

East Green

Shively Hall

Shively is centrally located. Right outside the dorm is morton hall, where many first year classes are located. Shively dining hall is located on the first floor of this building. Each room is air conditioned and has a sink in the room. Having a sink in your dorm room is a major perk for some people. Shively is a substance free residence hall, meaning no alcohol, drugs, cigarettes of any kind are tolerated.


Bryan Hall

This hall is for returning students only. Students must have a 3.00 GPA or higher to live here. This hall is air conditioned and has mandated quiet study areas as well as informal lounges. Bryan Hall is located at the top of a giant staircase (great butt alert!). Bryan also has a community kitchen, which can be used for cooking or baking.

Lincoln Hall

This hall is the live-in learning community for the college of fine arts. There is a dance studio and meeting room on the first floor, there is a graphic arts computer lab as well as keyboards on the third floor and there is an art studio located on the fourth floor. This hall is a live-in learning community, but other students can live here as well. Lincoln is air conditioned and each room has a sink.

Perkins Hall

This is a first year residence hall. It is equipped with air conditioning, and a quiet study area.

Voigt Hall

This is an all girls residence hall. It is located near Campus Care (Hudson Health Center) and the Schoonover Center. There is a community kitchen and each room is air conditioned.

See Also


Johnson, Washington, Jefferson, Bush, Read and Biddle Hall

Each of these halls is air conditioned and located near a Shively dining hall and Morton hall. Each of the rooms in these halls has a sink, as well.

Gamertsfelder and Tiffin Halls

These halls work together and are considered a complex. Gamertsfelder is the largest residence hall on campus. These buildings are air conditioned and are close to Shively dining hall.

OHIO First Scholar House

This hall is a first year student only hall, it is also the first generation college student community. This building is air conditioned and has study rooms and is located near Memorial Auditorium.

Scott Quad

Scott quad is located next to Gordy Hall, Baker Center and Morton Hall. Students are housed on the top floors while there are office buildings on the lower floors. (expect noise and random people in your hall.) The Ohio University Police department is located on the bottom floor.

South Green

Armbruster, Atkinson, Dougan, Ewing, Fenzel, Hoover, Martzolff, O’Bleness, True, Smith and Weld House

All of these houses are separated into three mods per floor. These mods all share a living space. These houses are NOT air conditioned. (Pro Tip: Athens is hot in the first few months of the school year.) Mod living is supposedly pretty cool. You get your own bedroom but have a central living space.

Adams Hall

This hall is incredibly close to Ping Recreation center, it is air conditioned and has sinks in each room. Not only is this building great on the inside, it as a beautiful exterior. Adams has Suite doubles. Meaning you’ll have a roommate, and share a bathroom with two other students. This building has an elevator a formal lounge and study area.

Front Four (Brown, Mackinnon, Crawford and Pickering Hall)

These buildings are located near Nelson Dining Hall. These buildings include both new and returning students, have all types of rooms  and have multiple study lounges.These buildings are NOT air conditioned.
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