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Ranking Of The Dorms At St. John’s University

Ranking Of The Dorms At St. John’s University

Are you looking for the best dorms at St. John's University? We have the ultimate ranking of the best dorms on campus, from apartment style, to traditional.

One of the best parts about going away for school is getting to live on campus and meet new people. If you’re unsure about which of the dorms at St. John’s University to live at, take my advice and choose from this ultimate ranking of the dorms!

1. DaSilva Hall

I am being biased! I lived in DaSilva freshman year, and I think that if I lived anywhere else it wouldn’t have been the same. The suite style is perfect and the lounges on each floor give you the chance to meet so many people. Although all the freshman dorms are relatively similar, living in DaSilva was where I found my first college friends and that is why I ranked it first.



2. Century Hall

Again, I am being completely biased on this one due to the fact that I lived here sophomore year, but I really enjoyed living in Century because of the environment. I lived on the 24-hour study floor and for the most part my floor was quiet. It was also convenient living on the second floor and not having to take the elevator.


3. Hollis Hall

I never had the chance to live in this freshman dorm but I do know many people who also lived here and had similar experiences compared to me, like when I lived in DaSilva. Many people love having the suite style that Hollis offers. It was the place that many of my friends met their first friends as well, which is why I decided to rank it in third place.



4. Founder’s Village

While these may not be considered one of the traditional dorms at St. John’s University, the Townhouses are a great option for upperclassmen. Not only are they more open, with a larger living area and full kitchen in each, but they also allow for more freedom since there’s no hassle of signing in guests. The only downside is the lack of a laundry room, with only two machines available per building.

5. O’Connor Hall

Although I never got a chance to live in O’Connor, I did have a chance to work in the basement, as well as visit friends there. I found O’Connor to be very clean and quiet compared to other dorms at St. John’s University whenever I was there, and I loved that atmosphere. Plus, O’Connor also offers the suite style that so many people like. There’s also an ATM located in the lobby, a very convenient bonus!



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6. Carey Hall

I am sad to say that I was only in Carey once, which is part of the reason I decided to rank it so low. I only ranked this sophomore dorm lower than the others because I don’t know much about it, other then the fact that the rooms have pretty much the same layout as the other two sophomore dorms, Century and O’Connor. Plus, Carey and O’Connor are often lumped together to form O’Carey Hall.


7. Donovan Hall

I remember coming for Freshman Orientation and staying overnight in Donovan. I did not like the style of the room because it was not suite style like the other freshman dorms. And I also met a lot of friends freshman year that lived in Donovan, and after the first semester most of them moved into the other dorms because they liked them better. However, some people do like that this layout of a shared bathroom and no real living space requires you to be more outgoing when trying to meet people on your floor.


8. St. Vincent Hall

I decided to put St. Vincent Hall in last place in the ranking of dorms at St. John’s University because it is so secluded from the other dorms. All the people who live in St. Vincent don’t have the convenient opportunity of meeting people from other dorms since they are located farther away. They do however have the Great Lawn as their backyard, which is an added bonus in the springtime.


Do you agree with these rankings of dorms at St. John’s University? Which one is your favorite? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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