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5 Random Things to Improve Your Freshman Experience

5 Random Things to Improve Your Freshman Experience

Other than the usual tips about figuring out how to rearrange your dorm on move in day, here are 5 random things to improve your freshman experience!

As incoming freshmen, none of us know what to expect. So we all go on different websites and watch different videos to get an idea of what to expect and get some tips about how to make the best of our college experience. After about the 5th video, you being to hear the same tips and tricks on how to survive freshman year. Other than figuring out how to rearrange your dorm on move in day and when the best time to go to the stud on Tuesday (not 12:30!), here are 5 random things to improve your freshman experience!

1. Remember in middle school when we would decorate our lockers with mirrors, white boards, pictured held up by funky magnets, and the magnetic cups to hold dry erase markers and extra pencils?

Those cups can still come in handy years later in college. Use Command Strips and attach the cup to the wall next to your bed. It can keep your phone at night so you won’t knock it on the floor or a midnight snack for studying. This idea is awesome for bunk beds!


2. Arm pillow, grandpa pillow, whatever you call it with be your new best friend!

The head boards on the beds aren’t that comfortable when you have to read a novel for your FSP. Lean this pillow against the head board, the wall, the bed, anywhere you see fit and it makes wherever you sit more relaxing. It also can work as a pillow for the back of your desk chair.

3. Try to dress nice.

You don’t have to wear a dress or button down shirt to class everyday, but put together an outfit other than sweats. Having a good outfit, even if it’s your favorite sweater and a pair of jeans, can help you focus during class and get work done at the library. A good outfit will make you feel good, brighten up your mood, and help you feel motivated throughout the day.


4. Do laundry at weird times.

At least in The Towers, the weekends are the worst times to do laundry. Do it during the week, at night, in the morning if you are an early riser. It may seem weird, but there’s a higher chance of getting a washer and dryer during the week. Just make sure you keep track of the time so you wet clothes don’t end up on top of a dryer.

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5. It’s ok not to like your entire floor.

There is always the stigma that your freshman floor will be your friends for the rest of your college career. In some cases that’s true, but not always. Yes, you go through Welcome Week with them and learn the ropes of college with them by your side, and some may be in your FSP, but by the 2nd week of October, you’ll have new friends with similar interests and possibly classes and you won’t be as close with your floor anymore. Sure you will still hang out with a few people but everyone isn’t automatically your best friend.



Remember, college is a new experience for everyone. We all learn along the way and each of us find different things to make our lives easier. Have fun, work hard, and make memories!

What are some other random things to improve your freshman experience? Share in the comments below!
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