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30 Random Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Genius

30 Random Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Genius

People love random facts, that is a fact. I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love a random piece of trivia. Not only do people love fun facts, but we also love to feel smart. There’s something about stating facts and having people think you are a genius that just makes everything worthwhile. 

To be a genius in any social situation and maybe even avoid an awkward silence here and there, here are 30 random facts that will start any conversation!

1. Jellyfish and lobsters are immortal 

Along with alligators and flounders, jellyfish and lobsters are virtually indestructible and will only die if killed by their environment or another predator. 

30 Random Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Genius


2. Many serial killers are born in November

Speaking of being killed by the environment… serial killers. Serial killers are very intriguing to many people, but one not-so-fun-fact is that many reported serial killers are born in November. So technically they can also be a Scorpio or Sagittarius…

Anyway, some of these serial killers include Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Joseph James DeAngelo. So basically some of the most terrifying people in history were born in November. Yikes. 

3. The real reason your eyes turn red in photos…

We’ve all had that annoying red-eye in photos but did you know why your eyes turned red? When a camera flash goes off, the red-eye effect happens because the flash is being reflected off of your retina, which shows the blood supply in your eyes. Creepy but cool, right?

4. Stephen King is afraid of the number 13

The man who keeps us up at night has no limits when it comes to scary novels. However, King draws the line at 13 and is actually afraid of it. The irony of the world’s most famous horror story writer having a superstition is unexplainable but very interesting. 


5. Not all white bears are polar bears

We all know what a polar bear looks like, but did you know there are white bears that aren’t considered polar bears? These white bears are called spirit bears and are not albino, just very good luck!

30 Random Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Genius

6. What came first: the chicken or the egg?

The biggest question has finally been answered… Ladies and Gentlemen, the chicken came first. Scientists have come to this conclusion because the protein that makes eggshells is only produced by hens. Case closed?

7. The Tinkerbell Effect

We all know and love Tinkerbell, but have you heard of The Tinkerbell Effect? The Tinkerbell Effect occurs when things that are thought to exist only because people believe in them. There is also the Reverse Tinkerbell Effect that suggests that the more you believe in something, the more likely it is to vanish.  


30 Random Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Genius

8. 1 in 400 trillion

You’re not one in a million, but rather 1 in 400 trillion. Yes, the likelihood of you being born was 1 in 400 trillion. So yes, you do have a purpose!

9. Why the airplane joke is “funny”

It’s no secret that airplane food isn’t the best, but why is that? Well, when flying, your sense of smell and taste actually decreases from 20% to 50% making food taste more bland and unappetizing… but there’s probably more reason, too.

30 Random Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Genius


10. Apollo 11 could have been a disaster

We’re all familiar with Apollo 11’s success, but that all could have been a total disaster instead of a victory. There were several mishaps with Apollo 11, but one of the most significant being that when the aircraft landed, it only held 20 to 30 seconds of fuel left. 

11. Marie Curie’s notebooks

Marie Curie is best known for her accomplishments in researching radioactivity. But of course, when studying radiation, some has to linger. Which is still true concerning Curie’s notebooks that remain radioactive do this day after almost 100 years. 

12. The Great Pyramids of Egypt Cholula

Many people think that The Great Pyramids of Egypt home the biggest pyramids. However, this is untrue! In fact, it is actually Cholula in Mexico that is home to the largest pyramid in the world!

30 Random Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Genius


13. The Most Dangerous Creature in the World

When you think of the most dangerous creatures in the world, you might think of a lion or a venomous snake. However, the most dangerous creature in the world is actually a mosquito! Mosquitos carry around all kinds of diseases and can kill you with just one bite.

14. Expiration dates on bottled water

When you see an expiration date on a water bottle, that date is actually referring to the plastic and not the water itself. All the more reason to use a reusable water bottle that will never expire!

15. The Loch Ness Monster

People dedicate their lives to Nessie, so I can only imagine how disappointing it would be to find out that the big scary monster is actually just an eel. 

Scientists have recently conducted DNA testing on Loch Ness and determined there was no prehistoric DNA found, and the presence of large animals has been ruled out. This has left scientists to believe that Nessie is just a giant eel, which might be just as terrifying. 


16. Benjamin Franklin’s Basement

The phrase “skeletons in the basement” might just be a figure of speech for most, but not for Benjamin Franklin! In 1998, conservationists were repairing Franklin’s home when 1200 pieces of bone were found in his basement, which has estimated to be around 15 bodies worth. Forensic investigations have shown that these bones date back to Franklin’s day, which begs that question: what was Ben in to?

A serial killer has been ruled out, and it is thought to be an anatomy school run by Franklin’s friend and protege, William Hewson. 

17. Kidney stone cure

Kidney stones are said to be some of the most painful things ever. The worst part is, you usually have to just ride them out… or you can ride them out on a roller coaster! Studies have shown that to pass a kidney stone quicker, all you have to do is ride a roller coaster!

30 Random Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Genius


18. The Bermuda Triangle

While the Bermuda Triangle remains one of the biggest mysteries, studies have suggested that there’s nothing extraordinary about the triangle and that “disappearances” can really happen anywhere. Others have suggested invisible hurricanes, air pockets, and cyclones… or just some paranormal stuff… we’ll let you decide. 

19. What came first: the shark or the tree?

While we may picture the world being covered in trees and forests when it was first created, research has shown that sharks came before the tree. So basically, dinosaurs are still here, and they take the form of sharks. 

30 Random Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Genius

20. The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is one of those conspiracy theories that both keep people up at night but is also a fun party game. The Mandela Effect basically refers to phycological phenomena where a person recalls something that did not happen or remembers it happening differently. The weird part is, it’s not just one person who remembers it this way, it is a large group of people.


For instance, many people are familiar with the popular kids’ book about a family of bears. However, most people remember the books being called the Berenstein Bears and not the Berenstain Bears, or many people recall the Monopoly man having a monocle, but he doesn’t. 

30 Random Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Genius

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21. The Ouija Board Effect

Ouija boards have scared the public for decades not, but really, they aren’t scary at all! Ouija boards are actually controlled by your subconscious mind (and not spirits) through a process called ideomotor. This reflex triggers your hand to move the planchette without you even being aware of it… so which is scarier?


30 Random Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Genius

22. King of the Oz Forest

We all remember the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz, but did you know the costume was actually made out of a real lion’s skin and fur? You can’t blame the lion for being so scared after all…

30 Random Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Genius

23. Chinchilla fur

If fleas bother you, but you want a pet, look no further than a chinchilla! Chinchillas are known for their super soft hair, but it is actually so dense that fleas would suffocate if they tried to live in a chinchilla’s fur!


24. Potatoes and butter

If there’s ever an Apocolypse, just remember that you can live off of butter and potatoes… they contain all the nutrients your body needs. 

25. Tiger vs. Paint

Tigers might look cute and cuddly, but their tounges are actually so rough that they can lick the paint off of a building and strip the skin off of animal bones easily. Would Tigger lick the paint off a building? The questions you should be asking.

30 Random Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Genius

26. Brass Doorknobs

Doorknobs are actually really gross when you think about it. I mean, when was the last time you disinfected your doorknob? Probably a long time. If you’re a germaphobe, brass doorknobs might be the way to go! They automatically sterilize themselves every eight hours… so maybe brass doorknobs are germaphobes?


27. Shuffling cards

Something that is true but is never thought about is the order of a deck of cards! Every time you shuffle a deck, you are the first person to ever rearrange them in that order. Pretty cool, huh?

30 Random Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Genius

28. Underwater rivers

The underwater world is a whole different planet and even has underwater rivers! Underwater rivers are formed when fresh topwater meets the exposed salty groundwater. When these two forms of water meet, an underwater river is essentially formed, and they flow along the ocean floor!

29. This is what dreams are made of

If you’ve ever wondered why you are dreaming about this or that, it all has to do with your subconscious. Dreams will reveal hidden and repressed feelings due to our subconscious minds, so pay attention to what your head is trying to tell you!


30 Random Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Genius

30. Your the cat’s meow

Cats don’t meow to other cats and only meow at humans. Why? They are mimicking you! In fact, cats can actually adapt to their owner’s lifestyle and form the same sleep and eating habits and schedule!

30 Random Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Genius

Do you have any random facts in your back pocket? Did any of these facts surprise you?

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