Top 10 Ramen Recipes for the Gourmet College Student

Top 10 Ramen Recipes for the Gourmet College Student

Revolutionize your eating habits with unique ramen recipes by compiling a few extra ingredients with a packet of ramen and indulge in the endless possibilities for creating the perfect gourmet ramen to share with all of your friends. Just because you’ve made it to college doesn’t mean you have to follow the classic eating habits of the masses and skip out on eating food that is better than the average plate at the cafeteria or a bowl of classic ramen.  These easy to make ramen recipes will be sure to recreate this traditional choice food for many students and turn you into the gourmet college chef.

1. Breakfast Ramen

Start your morning out right with an easy to make breakfast. Using a cooked packet of ramen noodles add cooked breakfast meat of your choice, such as sausage or bacon, a couple of eggs, and a handful of cheddar cheese into a skillet and mix together until all ingredients melt together. Forgo the seasoning packets and add Siracha or your preferred hot sauce to spice things up. Find a Full recipe here.

Top 10 Ramen Recipes for the Gourmet College Student

2. Cheesy Ramen Carbonara

Inspired by classic Italian chicken carbonara this ramen recipe is sure to satisfy cravings at a much cheaper cost and much less time. This recipe calls for 3-4 packets of ramen, making it a perfect dish to share with your roommate and friends and show off your inner gourmet chef. Find a full ramen recipe here.

3. Ramen Burgers

If noodles are not your forte, take a chance on this recipe that turns ramen noodles into burger buns. This alternative solution exemplifies the variety of unconventional uses for ramen noodles. Although unfamiliar to many, this creative application is surprisingly delicious compared to classic burger buns. In addition, this recipe leaves room for personal customization of burger fixings, condiments as well as the type of meat used. Make this ramen recipe vegetarian by substituting the burger patty with a veggie or tofu patty. For details, find the recipe here.

Top 10 Ramen Recipes for the Gourmet College Student

4. Beef Ramen Stirfry

Forgo the traditional seasoning packets and create your own concoction of spices for a unique and original flavor. Customize your stirfry recipe by adding or substituting different types of vegetables. Use this ramen recipe if you want an easy and less expensive way to make bomb tasting stirfry.

Top 10 Ramen Recipes for the Gourmet College Student

5. On-the-go Ramen Noodles

Balancing school, work, and extracurriculars are challenging enough, but finding time to cook between everything can be even more difficult. This ramen recipe is perfect for a fast-paced day because it allows you to take your meal on-the-go. All you need is some water and a microwave and your traveling meal is ready in minutes. For more details follow this link for the recipe.

Top 10 Ramen Recipes for the Gourmet College Student

6. Parmesan Garlic Ramen

Among the other ramen recipes, this is one of the easiest. All you need for this recipe in addition to the ramen is butter, parmesan cheese, and garlic. Simple and quick to make this spin is simply delicious.

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7. Vegetable Ramen Pad Thai

A combination of ramen noodles, a solid veggie mix, and a savory peanut sauce create an absolutely delicious pad thai entree. This ramen recipe is perfect for a quick way to satisfy any Thai food cravings. For the recipe, click here. Take this recipe a step further by adding chicken or beef.

Top 10 Ramen Recipes for the Gourmet College Student

8. Chicken Ramen Soup

Chicken flavored ramen is already thought as a cheap knockoff for traditional chicken noodle soup, but definitely lacks the notable hearty chunks of chicken and vegetables. This ramen recipe uses ramen noodles as a substitute for traditional egg noodles and discards the seasoning packets for a more natural flavor. Find the exact recipe here.

Top 10 Ramen Recipes for the Gourmet College Student

9. Ramen’n’Cheese

Everything tastes better with cheese, and so does ramen. This ramen recipe stocked full of creamy cheese is simply delicious and acts as the perfect comfort food for those long nights studying. For details on how to make, click this link.

Top 10 Ramen Recipes for the Gourmet College Student

10. Ramen Noodle Salad

Salad and ramen noodles aren’t typically thought of as a normal combination. However, this recipe combines the two for a healthy yet hearty meal full of crunchy yumminess. This ramen salad recipe calls for noodles to be broken into bite-size pieces that are used to substitute croutons. These “ramen croutons” can be used in any salad of your choice to add a tasty crunch.

These gourmet ramen recipes showcase unique and tasty alternatives for a basic packet of noodles. Make these dishes for friends and your sure to surprise them with your cheffing skills. Try and challenge yourself and use imagination to come up with even more creative ways to utilize ramen noodles and comment on your creations below.

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