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10 Raleigh Date Ideas For You And Your SO

10 Raleigh Date Ideas For You And Your SO

If you live in North Carolina and are looking for some Raleigh date ideas, then you've come to the right place! These are the best cute and fun dates to go on in or around Raleigh, NC that are worth trying!
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Quirky museums, mouthwatering restaurants, and that friendly Southern hospitality are a little of what the city of Raleigh has to offer. Over the past few years, the city of Raleigh has been building up and creating quite a stir! As one of the best places to live according to US News and Report for 2017. The city of Raleigh and the surrounding areas are also home to some well-known universities and colleges, such as NC State University, Shaw, and Meredith which bring a variety of people from all over the country. With a city as vibrant as Raleigh, it is an ideal place for a date night adventure! Whether it’s your first date or one of many, we have constructed a list of 10 Raleigh date ideas! So read along  for the best spots to hit the town with your love!

1. Get cultured at the North Carolina Museum of Modern Art

First up on our Raleigh date ideas list, we embrace the artist inside you! The North Carolina Muesuem of Modern Art or NCMA is a fantastic museum filled with inspiring works of art, ranging from classical renaissance pieces to Egyptian and everything in between. While the inside of this museum is breathtaking, the sparks will truly ignite when you take a stroll through the Ann and Jim Goodnight Muesuem Park!

2. Find the best contemporary art at the Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh

Yes, more art! Raleigh is filled with many wonderful museums and the Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh or CAM is one you won’t want to miss! This Museum focuses on the abstract, the quirky, and the unusual to inspire and help you discover different ways of seeing things. This date can be a great conversation starter to keep things interesting.

CAM Raleigh

3. Ignite the spark at the Marbles Kids Museum

Okay, one more Muesuem is on this date list! Raleigh has some great museums and while I am a huge art lover, science museums give you hands-on time with your date and you kind of get to feel like a kid again and explore the sciences. The Marbles Kids Museum is very popular with kids, but I love this place! It has workshops, where the kids teach you how things work. It has a place where you can build your own model car and then race each other. This date will surely amp up your curiosity and it also has an IMAX theatre, which is a total plus!Marbles

4. Run free at Pullen Park

One of the better raleigh date ideas is to check out the array of lakes and parks and take advantage of the great outdoors! Pullen Park next to NC State has always been a great place to take in the fresh air. If the weather calls for it you can take a nice stroll or even have a picnic. There is a little pond where you can rent water bikes and other activities, which can definitely add a little romance.

Pullen Park

5. Wear your favorite poodle skirt and try to bowl a 300 at Kings Dining and Entertainment

If you want your date night to include some light competition, Kings Dining and Entertainment in North Hills is just the place just for that! Get your head in the game, because this bowling and dining venue is a great date for those who like healthy competition. They also have other games like air hockey and pool. Get ready to bowl your hearts out!

6. Find your favorite 21st-century games at Boxcar Bar + Arcade

If you are looking for more games, well games of the 21st century, then Boxcar Bar + Arcade on W. Davie Street is just the place to go. This venue is perfect for an afternoon date because it will be less crowded! This place has a bar stocked with drinks and all the video games of your childhood!! So get your game on, as this is one of the best Raleigh date ideas!

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7. Get your groove on at The Ritz

Looking to spend your date jumping around, dancing, and singing like you are in the shower? Then The Ritz is a go-to spot! This lively venue is always getting top charting artists to grace the Oak City and make you let loose! With artists like Fetty Wap, Modest Mouse, and Excision, you already know it’s going to be lit! Share with your date your best dance moves!

8. Chow down with the taste of fresh sushi at Sushi Blues Cafe

Now the quintessential dinner date, yes you had to know it was coming! I am a little partial to sushi and Sushi Blues Cafe is a hotspot! The sushi rolls are so tasty and the special of buying a sushi roll and get one free go on all day, every day! You won’t be leaving with the blues on this dinner date!

9. Fill up with goat cheese balls, shwarma, and kabobs at Sitti Restaurant

If you are looking to take your date to a restaurant with food that is filled with flavor and culture,  then Sitti Restaurant is a great place to start. This authentic Lebanese restaurant in downtown Raleigh will give your palate some flavors that you didn’t even know you were craving! The Tasting plate is the best for a date because you can swap and share multiple dishes together! So get ready to dig in!

10. End the night with something sweet at Bittersweet

Who said Rose didn’t go with cupcakes? Yeh, no one ever! At Bittersweet in downtown Raleigh, it lets you have your sweets and your bubbly! This place is so cute and sometimes very packed, so be wary of the time you go! Nonetheless, it is a great destination for a little sweet treat! The champagne and dessert package is only $10 and the cupcakes there are so delish!

Have you gone on a date to any of these places? Let us know and tell us what you think of our 10 Raleigh date ideas in the comments!

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