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15 Rainbow Makeup Looks To Show Your Pride

15 Rainbow Makeup Looks To Show Your Pride

Do you celebrate Pride Day? Are you a member of the LBGTQ community? Do you love rainbow colors? Or, are you just tired of the same old makeup routine, and want to try something new and fun. If you answered yes to either question, then you are sure to enjoy these fifteen hot rainbow makeup looks. You are sure to turn heads when you walk into a room. Time to be daring and creative with your makeup.

1. Rainbow Glitter Eyes:

On your lid and under your eye, you can never have enough color. Just like you can never have enough glitter! Your eye becomes the pot at the end of the rainbow, and you are the added bonus. This look is sure to be the envy of any party.

2. Matte Rainbow Lips:

This downwards stroke matte rainbow lip is amazing! When doing this look the two colors under your cupid’s bow, will create a heart affect. Besides being super adorable it is also irresistible. This is one look that is sure to catch some extra attention at any party or other occasion.


3. Rainbow Sky Eyes:

Who ever thought of putting clouds on their Rainbow eye makeup is a genius. This look makes you think of the sky when you wear it. The cute and flirty vibe it gives off is just an added bonus. You can add the star glitter or not. Either way your eyes will be shining bright.

4. Rhinestone Rainbow:

Rhinestones is the cleaner version of glitter. They are an amazing accessory for makeup, without the disaster affect like glitter. You just need a pair of tweezers and eyelash glue. These babies should stay all day or night, depending on when you decide to wear this look out. Besides looking fabulous, this look is also easy clean up compared to the glitter.

5. Glossy Rainbow Lips:

This circular pattern rainbow with a touch of gloss is memorizing. The pattern makes the rainbow seem more realistic, instead of the different colors side by side in a downward direction. The touch of gloss adds the pop that we all love to see when doing our makeup.


6. Glitter Stars With Rainbow Lashes:

This look is simple yet lively. Yet it also calls for a lot of patients. Doing few sections of your lashes at a time will become tiresome, but the end affect is sure to wow everyone who notices. The stars on the lid are just an added piece to make your eye not seem naked, but they pair beautifully with your new rainbow lashes.

7. Rainbow Hot:

Rainbow flames! Need I say more? This look not only shows off your bright colors, but also gives you the “bad girl” affect with the flames. You will be too hot to touch with this eye makeup.

8. Makeup Wet Paint Affect:

Giving yourself this look will showcase not only the glorious rainbows on your eyes, but also your skills of using makeup that would make any makeup artist swoon. Making your skin look like wet paint covering your rainbow. A statement piece of art for anyone in the LGBTQ community.


9. Tie Dye Eye:

This Tie Dye eye makeup is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are going out to a club, pride parade, or music festival. You are sure to catch people’s eye when they notice the array of colors on your eyes. This is a true party girl look with an added 60s hippy vibe.

10. Rainbow Heart:

Love and Pride go hand in hand. This rainbow heart makeup not only shows you are happy with who you are, but also it gives off an innocent vibe even if you are not so innocent. Give yourself the perfect look to show off your support and love. One of the most simply yet beautiful Rainbow makeup looks.

11. Butterfly Affect:

Butterflies are absolutely gorgeous. They are one of the most delicate creatures on earth. Now you can have your own personal butterfly rest on a rainbow, while following you all day with this eye makeup. Which will give yourself an innocent yet creative look.

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12. Neon Rainbow:

Neon is beautiful, there is no denying it. There are no ways to go wrong with adding a little neon to your makeup routine. Especially if it is a rainbow design. You have your love of rainbows, and the pop of neon that gives the extra “umph” to your look.

13. Never Enough Glitter:

Glitter can be disastrous, because of how tightly it hangs on for dear life to every surface! However, how can you not fall in love with this Rainbow glitter eye makeup? There is a love hate relationship with glitter, but this look is a definite notch on the love glitter side. One of many fabulous glitter Rainbow makeup looks.


14. Crying Rainbow:

The rainbow tears are dramatic and an emotional take on Rainbow makeup looks. They give a glimpse into the reality of how tough it is for the LGBTQ community to hide their true selves. Whether it has a hidden meaning, or just displays your love for rainbows. This look is a perfect fit.

15. Rainbrow:

This particular look is one of the most daring rainbow makeup looks. Though it is simply eyeshadow over your brows, it makes them pop. Giving yourself a defined look of not caring what someone else thinks. Choosing this look will show how little you care about others opinions, when it comes to your personal life.

Don’t be afraid to add or take away an element from any of these looks. That is the point of makeup. You put on what you feel comfortable with. Just don’t regret making the decision to try something new. No matter what look you choose to add into your daily makeup routine. You are sure to catch glances that you never have before. Whether they are looks of disapproval or admiration, you hold your head high and rock your awesome new look. Don’t be afraid to try these daring looks because someone might disapprove. There is only one chance at life and one you, show the world who you are, and how creative you can be.


In the meantime shine bright with these rainbow makeup looks. Which of these looks was your favorite?