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Rainbow Glitter Eyeshadow Perfect For Pride Month

Rainbow Glitter Eyeshadow Perfect For Pride Month

Rainbow Glitter Eyeshadow Perfect For Pride Month

Pride Fest is just around the corner and it is a perfect excuse to break out those more colorful and vibrant palettes. Below are a variety of rainbow glitter eyeshadow looks that will be perfect to wear whether you’re celebrating in a major city like Los Angeles or you’re enjoying your local Pride Fest. There’s a look that will satisfy anyone’s desire to express themselves through makeup, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Just make sure your rainbow glitter eyeshadow is biodegradable.

1. Silver Cut Crease

You can’t go wrong with a cut crease. Begin by placing an array of bright colors on your eyelid before creating a silver cut crease. Use an already glittery eyeshadow before placing even more glitter on the lid. From there, if you’re feeling like a true artist, consider lining your waterlines with rainbow colors to make sure you don’t miss any valuable spot for color with your rainbow glitter eyeshadow.

2. Subtle Glow

If you want a more glowy look rather than rainbow glitter eyeshadow, consider this look. It incorporates all the colors of the rainbow and instead of actual glitter, you can use a vibrant yellow on your inner eyes to create a glow-like appearance. If you’re good with blending colors this eyeshadow look is perfect for you.


3. Bedazzled

If you want to make more of a statement beyond just glittery eyeshadow consider using larger glitter flakes instead in your rainbow glitter eyeshadow look. There’s no need for dramatic eyeliner with this look because the eyeshadow will be dramatic enough. Although you can line your bottom waterline with a vibrant blue or be daring and incorporate all of the colors.

4. Full Rainbow Face

This is another look that will help you stand out in the crowd and will make you memorable. Face paint or actual eyeshadow can be used to achieve this colorful look. After completing your face makeup decide which side of your face you want the rainbow to go across. With that eye, leave it plain and instead draw the rainbow across it. The other eye you can create a silver, glittery cut crease or be even more daring and create a rainbow glitter eyeshadow on your other eye as well.


5. Pastel Stars

Not all rainbows are vibrant but this pretty pastel rainbow glitter eyeshadow look is equally as stunning. What makes this look dreamy is incorporating large star glitter flakes along with normal glitter flakes. After you’re satisfied with your eyeliner and eyeshadow begin placing the stars and glitter around your eye, with the larger flakes more towards your outer eye with the large stars saved for your inner eye.

6. Rainbow Tears

If you’re not so much into actual makeup but still want to make a statement consider rainbow tears. Begin with a blank face with minimal to no makeup and then from there begin creating the tears using large glitter flakes. You can use vaseline or lash glue to apply the tears, just make sure to do a spot test before rocking this look.


7. Rainbow Stars & Face Glitter

This look is for anyone who wants to make a loud and proud statement with the help of glitter. The eyeshadow itself is more subtle, or as subtle as rainbow colors can be, where you get the true pop of this eye look is the glitter that will trail from your cheekbones up to your forehead. With the help of large glitter flakes, you’ll be able to create a rainbow-like halo across your face that will brighten anyone’s day who sees you.

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8. Fake Glitter Eyeliner

Not everyone has glitter on hand and if you’re unsure on where to place glitter creating this faux glitter fake look is perfect. Decide how you want to create your rainbow glitter eyeshadow and from there you can get wild with your eyeliner. Instead of the traditional lined eyeliner, instead create small dots. These dots will give the appearance of glitter specks without the mess that comes from working with actual glitter.


9. Glitter Inner Eye

If you’re not comfortable covering your entire eye with large glitter flakes, consider the look below. Surround your eyes with the colors of the rainbow and create a subtle cut crease using a white eyeshadow. Before adding your glitter flakes make sure your eyeliner is to your liking. From there carefully place the glitter flakes on and around your inner eye. This subtle inner eye sparkle is great for a more mild look.

10. Rainbow Bottom Liner

This rainbow glitter eyeshadow look is completely different from the rest of the looks above. Instead of going all out with your eyeshadow and covering your lid with the colors of the rainbow you can invert the colors as done below. Cover your eyelid with an iridescent black eyeshadow and subtly add glitter. Don’t go overboard with the glitter on the lid because the true showstopper will be your undereye. To create a softer transition from your eye to the vibrant colors line your bottom waterline with silver. Have the black eyeshadow and the rainbow eyeliners meet in a sharp wing.


What rainbow glitter eyeshadow look are you excited to try for Pride? Let us know in the comments.

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