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10 Rachel Green Outfits We’d Still Wear Today

Rachel Green, is the ultimate television style icon. It is no mistake that this former daddy’s girl climbed her way up the fashion corporate ladder as a humble waitress to certified fashion expert at Ralph Lauren. One of the central characters played by Jennifer Aniston definitely had style, so here are 10 Rachel Green outfits you can copy and wear!

1) This Cropped Sweater Look

This look form season one is effortlessly cool and easy to copy. Her cropped sweater with high waisted jeans are incredibly 90’s and incredibly cool. A great example of basic Rachel Green outfits. and this cropped sweater is super chic.

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2) This Gingham Dress

Let this look be your summer dress inspiration. Her adorable gingham dress is simple, classic and can definitely be sported today. Gingham is so in right now, making this a perfect option for Rachel Green outfits to copy!

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3) These Punk Pants

These punk plaid pants paired with a graphic tee for a girly, feminine touch is the ultimate casual cool inspiration. We can even recreate this look with those super cute white sneakers.

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4) This Graphic Tee with Jeans

High waisted jeans with a cropped tee is the universal outfit for many of us. The baseball hat is the perfect touch and you just can’t beat the super cute 90’s aesthetic here.

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5) This Sexy Red Number

The red dress she wore to Joey’s Soapie Awards made her look like an award all by herself. With the amazing gold choker as the perfect accessory for that chic straight neckline. A cute and classic example of Rachel Green outfits.

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6) The Off Shoulder Top

The look has certainly made a comeback, but Rachel did it first with this romantic cranberry red number. She had her fair share of adorable tops, but she didn’t let any waitressing dress code get in the way of that, and we are so thankful.

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7) This Little Black Dress

That time Rachel wore the best LBD that it actually did a great job distracting from her fat lip. Completed with a perfect little statement necklace, this is a cute party look.

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8) This Black Romper

In true 90’s fashion, Rachel sports your typical overalls, but with a twist. This cute look with the black romper complete with a simple white tee is effortless and super cute. We are obsessed with this romper!

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9) This Embroidered Dress

This is the perfect little black dress but with a little extra. Rachel Green outfits for work  were anything but boring, especially with this adorable floral embroidered number.

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10) This Incredible Yellow Dress

Her best dat-night outfit by far was her little yellow satin strapless dress. The prefect first-date look was gorgeous and looked incredible on her and we want that dress. Now.

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So there you have it! Our top picks for Rachel Green outfits- because 90’s style is BACK! Let us know which pieces you liked the best in the comments below!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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