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Quit Your Job The Right Way By Serenading Your Boss With These Songs

Quit Your Job The Right Way By Serenading Your Boss With These Songs

Your boss is the reason you miss your son or daughter’s soccer game, the reason you have bags under your eyes, the reason you have to work overtime and miss out on a night out with the girls. And the only way you wouldn’t have to endure it any longer is by quitting your job. If your boss doesn’t show respect, why do they deserve a talented and hard worker like yourself? Quitting your job doesn’t necessarily make you a quitter, it shows that you know your value and won’t let anyone treat you any kind of way. But we know deep down you want to tell them off when you quit, so do it! Quit your job with flare by serenading your boss with one of the songs listed. Choreographed or not, this is the best way to give your boss exactly what they deserve and to get everything off of your chest. 

1. Monkey Suit By Pernice Brothers

Serenade your boss with this song to tell them how you feel about corporate life. Working in an office most likely requires you to dress up in a suit because to play the part you need to look the part. And in this song, it talks about how he wears his monkey suit to work in hopes of climbing the corporate ladder, which is a slow process. But climbing the corporate ladder is difficult and requires you to think of yourself and no one else, specifically the other people who are also trying to get to the top because the top is the goal that everyone is trying to accomplish. But the worst part is constantly showing up to work and working hard because your boss is dangling that promise of promotion over your head.

And if you’re tired of empty promises from that boss, it’s time to quit that job and find another that won’t play games with you, and wants to use your talents. But before you walk out of that office, give them a piece of your mind with this song. 

2. My Way By Frank Sinatra 

You’re already dressed nicely for work, might as well send yourself off in a classic manner with this Frank Sinatra hit. Let your boss know that the struggles that you’ve been through while working for them made you into the person you are today. Your hard work has contributed to the success of the company and if your boss fails to acknowledge that, then it is time to make your grand exit. Show them what they’re losing by wearing that dress suit one more time for them and performing this song, which emphasizes that through the hard times, you still made it all on your own and you are better off without them than they are without you. 

Quit Your Job The Right Way By Serenading Your Boss With These Songs

3. I’m Still Standing By Elton John

Although bosses are meant to give you tasks and be the leader of the organization you work for, they are to aspire you to want to work hard to hopefully be in their position. But not all bosses are like that, some of them discourage their employees. And if your boss is that way, don’t worry because they are jealous and scared of your potential. You don’t need a boss who is scared of someone being successful as them or more than them, you need someone who isn’t afraid to push you to be the best you can be and to tell you the ways on how to become successful. A real boss would want their employees to succeed. But if your boss is the opposite, find another job before you quit and once you do, pack up your office and quit your job by performing this song for your boss letting them know you are better off without them. 

4. 9 To 5 By Dolly Parton 

Mentioned in the first song, the idea of making it to the top of the corporate ladder would be nice but there are bosses out there who make sure their employees don’t ever get there. And you may be in that position, which is why you need to quit your job. Again, a boss is to influence and inspire their employees and it’s not worth staying at a job where the boss does everything to ensure you don’t. Make Dolly Parton proud by quitting your job to her song, “9 to 5”, which is a song about how on top of the struggles to wake up for work, they have to work for a boss who dangles the idea of promotion over your head just to lure them to work, where they use the employees to make them look better by stealing their ideas. 

5. The Job That Ate My Brain By Ramones

Your boss has you waking up earlier than the rooster and expects you to be in the “ready to work” mindset, but you know that’s not happening. You wear the suit, do the work, and complete tasks they hand you but it doesn’t seem enough for them since they continue to nag you. Your solution is to quit your job by breaking out into this Ramones song to inform your boss that you hate the job. While singing this song, throw files around the office, dance on the desk, kiss that person you’ve had a crush on in the office, and give a big middle finger to your boss. You deserve to be happy and working for someone who drags you down should end abruptly. 

Quit Your Job The Right Way By Serenading Your Boss With These Songs

6. F*ck You By Lily Allen

Bosses can be really shallow because they are in a higher position than their employees, which causes them to say things and act irrationally. But you don’t have time for nonsense, which is why you need to find another job and prepare to serenade your boss with this song. “F*ck You” is the perfect song to help you quit your job because it is straightforward so that your idiotic boss won’t have any issues with understanding. And just in case they have a confused or angry look on their face, flip them two birds as the cherry on top. 

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7. Party Up By DMX

Although this song has explicit language, you’re quitting, you can do and say whatever you want (hopefully you don’t get in trouble with the law). But choose this DMX song to serenade your boss when you notify them that you quit. Sometimes you get fed up with your boss to where you want to go off on them and this is the perfect song. Let DMX help you get everything off your chest the day you decide to quit your job. Furthermore, there are some coworkers that you may not have liked and this song is perfect to get up in their face and sing this to them before you kick them out of your life. 

Quit Your Job The Right Way By Serenading Your Boss With These Songs

8. I Want To Break Free By Queen

Since your boss thinks that you need them more than they need you (not true), leave them to do their own work, and quit your job using Queen as your big exit performance. It’s perfect because you do want to break free from a boss that’s holding you back from your greatness. Although this is a love song, it’s about finding your first love after other “lovers”. This job may not have been the right job for you and quitting means you are ready to go on the right path towards the correct job for you with people who are with you and not against you. 

9. I Don’t F*ck With You By Big Sean 

Big Sean is straightforward with how he feels about the person this song is for. And if he can say it, so can you. Make a scene when you quit your job with this song and don’t be scared to dedicate it to your boss and the other people you did not f*ck with at the job. When you serenade your boss with this song, you are telling them that you are better off without them and you are absolutely correct. 

Quit Your Job The Right Way By Serenading Your Boss With These Songs

I encourage you to do this only when you’ve found another better paying job and please catch it on film! Share with friends and that coworker who needs to hear this. Comment on your favorite song and if you’ve done it, tell us the song and the reaction! 

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