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Quick Tips On How To Take Fashionable Insta Photos

Having a cool and fashionable Instagram is what is considered to be the Holy Grail of Aesthetically pleasing on social media, so how can you improve yours? Recently we have decided to share some ways that could boost your following and how you could  transform your account into more of a fashionable-fun platform for everyone to see. 

1. Choosing A Location

The background of the photo means everything. When you have come up with the theme that your post is going to revolve around, finding a location that coordinates with the outfit to make sure you do not look misplaced or awkwardly placed is the next step. Some locations that are great for solo photo shoots that you might just want to post to show off a new outfit or something snazzy, an empty parking garage is the go to for many Instagramers. If you are planning a day trip with the girls then get your sunscreen on because you are going cherry picking. It is a common thing to go fruit picking over the summer time but why not kill two birds with one stone? Bring your friends and have a photoshoot at your nearest fruit farm. But if you are more interested in a flower setting then the sunflower fields are where you want to visit. During the summer afternoons they won’t be wilted so you can make sure to capture nature’s beauty and share it with your friends.

2. The photographer

You obviously won’t be able to take your own photos so you are going to want to bring a friend who is good behind the camera. When dealing with someone who is taking your photos you should always ask to take a look at and see what they look like. This is also your chance to let them know how you feel about the test shoots and what you would like to see differently or are requesting. Coming in with a vision for the photographer is key because you do not want to show up without any idea you how you would like your photos to turn out.  Not only is it your responsibility to check in with the photographer amongst those things but as well as having the person taking your photos is honest and can share their input on what looks the best and is flattering. 

3. Editing

Being crafty with a little bit of editing never hurt anybody. As someone whos’ photograph from a few years ago made into a Glamour Article regarding breast cancer, I can assure you editing is going to become your new best friend. Now some people go over the top and get a little carried away but that does not mean that is going to happen to you. Always doing a little retouching around the areas that need it can improve the quality of your photo and as long as you do not smooth out the entire photo you are in the clear. After doing a little of the retouch magic, applying some color to the entire photo will do the deed. Whether you are adding a filter to match your feed or to add a pop of color to your fashionable post, you can never go wrong with this feature.

4. Camera Tips For the Lone Shooter

If you are going to take some photos alone then you might want to invest in something that is going to help you create some cute fashionable posts. For smartphone users that are using their phone to capture content, the best free feature to have turned on is the Grid on camera. This secret tool will assist you in making sure you are centered in the photo no matter what the setting is. A tripod might run you a few dollars on Amazon but once you do, you will want to take it everywhere. The tripod is a great investment for those who are constantly taking photos and need something to keep their phone steady while working the camera in their fashionable outfits. Since you will be the only one running this photoshoot knowing your angles and best features before getting to work can save you a lot of time and become beneficial as time goes on.

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5. Bringing Multiple Outfits

 Whether you are on a five minute drive down the street to your town’s parking garage or on an hour drive to the sunflower fields you should come prepared with some extra clothes in your bag. Might as well take advantage of the scenery  and have some fun with a fashionable photoshoot by coming with extra outfits to make it worth your time. Make sure to take hundreds of photos to get an idea of what outfit looks best with the background of wherever you may be before uploading to your Instagram. This is something that you will not regret doing because it is always better to be safe than sorry. Bringing friends on these trips is always because the more the merrier and when you come with friends they are likely to bring some of their clothes as well. Sharing is caring, they say and by trying on each other’s clothes you never know what fashionable outfit you might create that you will want to share on your Instagram.

6. A Little Secret

An amazing tip for everyone who takes photos by themselves and uses a tripod but can not seem to get the angles right, we understand you and we have a solution for you. It all begins by using a mirror. When you have the camera facing towards you the mirror should be on the screen side of the camera so you are able to see your reflection while the tripod is standing giving you a complete glance of how you look. This is key to finally being able to see single-handedly what angels and poses work best for you to create that fashionable feed you have been wanting to create for a very long time. Now you might think mirrors are expensive but at Target they have one under $6 that is very affordable and popular amongst college students. 

The best way to create a fashionable instagram begins with dedicating a little bit of your time into the platform to create what you want. Just like with everything else, perfection takes time, and once you get the hang of it your account could be the coolest one out of all your friends and aesthetically pleasing as well! Make sure to share with friends and comment what you think! 

Adrian Pereda

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