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18 Quick Summer Makeup Routines To Start Your Day

18 Quick Summer Makeup Routines To Start Your Day

Quick summer makeup routines are essential for your busy schedule. When it comes to makeup, everyone has different products that they can’t live without. This summer of 2020, ditch what you know about makeup routines and shed 1o plus minutes off of your morning routine! Stick with the basics, and cut corners. Let’s get started on 18 quick summer makeup routines!

1. Concealer

In the summer months, you really don’t need much makeup. I am someone with blemishes and redness that I want to cover up, and I sware by this trick. If you use concealer instead of a foundation, you’ll do your skin a favor and save yourself the time. Some foundations can be pore-clogging and cause more breakouts, and by using a concealer under the eyes, and to conceal blemishes (and as needed where ever else), you’ll find that it provides the same coverage but without all the heavy makeup on your skin. The summer is especially a good time to do this because under the hot sun, by the ocean, and whatever else may fill your summer schedule, you don’t want to sweat through the product on your face, and save time!

18 Quick Summer Makeup Routines To Start Your Day


2. Lip Liner

This summer, instead of wearing a heavy lip product, line your lips and go. Lip liner is really all you need in the summer months anyway, providing a little color on the go and a long-lasting trend all day. A lot of lip liners come in a variety of different colors, and I sware by this product. I like colors like berry or plum, and it takes just a few seconds to outline and apply. Use it instead of a lip gloss or lip stain!

18 Quick Summer Makeup Routines To Start Your Day

3. Waterproof Mascara

When it comes to makeup routines, I think mascara is a must-have. Waterproof mascara is a game-changer in the summer, duh! Sweep a few coats on your lashes, and be on your way. If you have a pool day or beach day planned, this look is especially useful.


18 Quick Summer Makeup Routines To Start Your Day

4. Tinted Moisturizer

A tinted moisturizer in the summer is essential. Quick, easy, and it provides you with all of your needs for this summer. Most tinted moisturizers, if not all, have SPF included as well as a little bit of coverage. Shop your local drug store for a variety of different brands and shades, all under or around $20!


5. Eyeshadow

When you are in a rush in the summer, it is important to cover all of your bases and still be efficient when it comes to saving time. If you are on your way to work or going out with friends, you may not feel that you want to skip eye makeup – and that’s ok! Sweeping a subtle cream eyeshadow over your lid in a neutral color is long-lasting and yet noticeable!

6. Bold Eyes

Similarly, this look involves bright pops of color for your eyeliner and eye shadow. I have definitely seen this trend in the last year becoming more popular in the spring and summer months. Grab a blue eyeliner or yellow shadow and go wild!


7. Natural Light

This summer, stay natural and low key but a little highlight never hurt anyone. Shop subtle highlighters and bronzers that give you the full effect, the natural light on your face as intended by a bronzer. The trick is to apply it to where the sun would normally hit!


8. Bright And Bold Lip

When you are ready to do your makeup in the morning, one of the best ways to complete the look is by using a bright lip color or lip stain. The summer is the best time to do this, everyone welcomes a bright fuschia pink lip in the summertime!

9. Double Dip

If there is one thing I have learned about makeup, its that you can surely use something for two different places. For instance, I got an eyeshadow in my Ipsy bag, and I actually used it as a highlighter, too. Don’t tell! This trick will save you some time, and money. A lot of eye shadow palettes will come with a coral color too, and you can surely use that for blush!


10. BB Cream

This summer, a BB cream will be your go-to. Hydrate, conceal, and protect (plus more), all in one product! Maybelline and L’Oreal offer a less expensive version of this product at local drug stores, but you can surely browse around for a high-end brand like Glossier, too!


11. All About Matte

Summer makeup routines can be hard to make quick. Hopefully, matte lip shades will be just for you when it comes to going out. I have the Kylie Jenner matte lip gloss and lip liner, and I sware by it! Matte lip products are sexy and flirty, and in my opinion, last twice as long.

12. Self Tan

If you are looking for that classic, bronze, sun-kissed look, look no further! St. Tropez self- tanner mousse is worth every penny. I mean, yeah, it is around $40.00, but the bottle will last you over a year.  If you apply it with a glove before bed, once you wake up and take a shower, you’ll find the excess comes off leaving you with that perfect tan! This will save you some time getting ready, as it supplements for using foundation or other tinted moisturizers on the body.


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13. Curl Your Lashes

Okay, this may be going back to the basics. Curling your eyelashes can help with so much in terms of bright, bold looks. Always curl your lashes before beginning any makeup routine.


14. Setting Spray

Once you have found your perfect summer makeup routine, you must finish with a setting spray! I actually got one for Christmas, by the brand Mario Badescu. It is the perfect weapon to seal the deal.


15. Lightweight Foundation

In the summer months, everyone is busy, sweaty, and looking for a quick outlet to freshen up. When we have a long day ahead of us, sometimes we just want a quick, fresh, makeup look that won’t tire our out. Brands like Neutrogena are the perfect fit, (at least for me) because it combines all of the hydrating and healthy factors without clogging my pores.

16. Prime ‘N Go

A primer is similar to a setting spray, in the sense that it will lock in your product all day. First, you always want to start with a primer, even if you are just using a little bit of concealer.


17. Brighten Up

Blush is an amazing product that gives our cheeks a little color. This summer, change it up a little bit and choose a bright, coral, or pop of pink when you apply this product.


18. Less Is More

Last but not least, when it comes to quick summer makeup routines, using less product is actually more. You will find that the less product you use, on your lip, eyes, and so on, the more you pile on, the less impact it will have. You’ll thank me later.

I hope everyone enjoyed this article! Thank you so much for reading, and please feel free to comment below which summer makeup look is your favorite!

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