Quick Morning Workout Routines Everybody Can Make Time For

If you are struggling to find the motivation to start taking care of yourself by working out and exercising, we are here to help! Exercising every day is not only good for your overall health and well being, but it will also help you start to feel much more energized and awake throughout your day. Even if you spend 15 minutes doing a quick workout routine, that is so much better than doing nothing at all. Start taking care of yourself by taking baby steps in the right direction to becoming that workout junkie! Once you get yourself on a workout regimen, you will love it and never want a day to go by without getting some sort of exercise. After the workout, drink lots of water and eat a healthy, high-protein breakfast. Get ready to kick start your morning with one of these quick morning workout routines!

Note: all of these workout do not require any weights or outside equipment!

1.Basic morning workout routine

Here is a very basic morning workout routine that only takes 15 minutes to complete! Get out of bed, throw on a t-shirt and shorts, roll out your yoga mat, and complete this basic workout circuit. If you are feeling extra motivated, repeat this circuit 2-3 times. Be sure to take a break between exercise and take a few minutes to breathe, before moving on. You can find more morning workout routines here.


If you want to focus on toning your abs, here is one workout routine you should try! Getting those perfect, toned abs takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Do not get discouraged if you aren’t seeing results right away…because you won’t! You really have to work at it. Switch up the workouts you are doing to help work different muscles. You can find more ab workout routines here.


If your main goal is to have toned arms, try this workout routine! This routine requires no equipment or weights. Once these exercises start to feel much easier to complete, try adding weights for a more challenging workout. You can also add more reps to each exercise to get a better exercise. You can find more arm workout routines here.


Leg day is the best day…until the next day! If you are looking to tone up your legs, calves, and butt, try this leg workout! There are so many different exercises that focus on toning your legs and butt, so if you ever get tired of doing the same exercising switch it up with a new routine. You can also add weights to make the workout more challenging. You can find more leg workout routines here.


Tone up your back and shoulders with this workout routine! If you stick to these exercises, you will see results and will start to feel more confident when you wear a spaghetti strap top. You will also get toned arms even if you don’t use weights in your exercises! You can find more back exercises here.

6.Full body

If you want to give your full body a great workout, then follow one of these workout routines! There are so many different exercises that you can do to give your full body a quality workout, so switch it up every time you do it! You will start to feel like you are in such better shape once you start and stick to one of these full-body routines. You can find more full-body workout routines here.

7.Upper body

If you want to focus on your upper body and cardio, follow this workout routine! This routine will help you hit abs, arms, back, and shoulders through each exercise. You can add weights to these exercises if you are looking to get a better workout. You can find more upper body workouts here.


If classic workout circuits really aren’t your thing, try one of these pilates workouts instead! You can either focus on mat pilates exercises, or full body pilates exercises, and you will get a great workout either way! These exercises will help you get the toned body you are working so hard to get, without having to pay for classes. You can find more pilate inspired workout routines here. You can check out Youtube for videos too!

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Yoga is great to try if you are looking to take a different approach to working out. You should try yoga, especially if you are looking for exercises that will help you become more flexible. These exercises will help you feel much more relaxed and find that ‘zen,’ while also toning your body. You can find more yoga routines here. Check Youtube for videos too!


If you are feeling sore and just don’t have the energy to complete a full workout, focus on stretching out your body instead! You should dedicate at least 3 times a week where you really stretch out your body. These stretches will help you work out those sore muscles and also help you get more flexibility. You can find more full-body stretches here.

Check out Pinterest and other fitness blogs for more workout routines!

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