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5 Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas Under 5 Minutes

5 Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas Under 5 Minutes

Check out these delicious, low carb breakfast ideas that you can whip together quickly! They're delicious and good for you, too!

I am a breakfast lover. There is nothing better than a good Sunday brunch, but let’s face it, not every day is Sunday. Most days we are too tired or too busy to make a proper breakfast, so we settle for whatever we can find before we head out the door to work or class. That may mean we can’t have poached eggs every morning, but it doesn’t mean we have to settle for the golden arches’ drive through. So, if you are a busy morning bird and need some quick healthy breakfast ideas, check out my top five favorites for the work week grind.

Chia Seed Pudding

If you haven’t given this dish a chance yet, do it. I am obsessed with this easy morning meal. I throw a half cup of chia seeds in a small mason jar with some almond milk, a dash of vanilla, shake it up, put it in the fridge, and call it good. The mixture sits overnight, and in the morning, all you have to do is throw some fruit on top and you are good to go. Pro tip; if you want some extra goodness, add a small amount of jam and mix it in. This breakfast takes almost no time, is really good for you, and is extremely versatile, so you can add whatever flavors you want.

5 Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas Under 5 Minutes

PB&J Oatmeal

I have perfected the art of simple oatmeal, and come up with my PB&J creation. Every morning I put water onto boil, I have an electric kettle so it takes 2 minutes tops but whatever you have will work, I drop a half a cup of quick oats in a bowl, then I microwave a half cup of frozen mixed berries until they are hot, and then take out the peanut butter. Once the water boils I add it to the oats and cover it with a large plate for two minutes, then add the PB and the berries, and it’s done! You can use fresh berries of course, but they are expensive where I live so the frozen berries make a great substitute.

Avocado Toast

It doesn’t get more basic than avocado toast, but it’s so good that it never gets old either. You just need two pieces of bread, one half of a good soft but not brown avocado, a toaster, and maybe some toppings. I just slice the avocado really thin and mash it directly on the toast because who wants to dirty a dish at 7 in the morning, then I add the best toppings ever; cracked pepper, pink Himalayan sea salt, and balsamic drizzle… you’ll thank me later.

5 Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas Under 5 Minutes

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Green Smoothie

It seems like everyone has their own version of the perfect green smoothie, but the world is about to get one more. I wish I could say I enjoy smoothies with tons of green powders and antioxidants, but I just don’t, so I have created a green smoothie that is healthy but also doesn’t taste like I’m eating liquid grass. It’s simple, throw some frozen mango, a banana, some fresh spinach, a scoop of vanilla protein powder, and some almond milk into a blender, and you have a filling yet healthy quick breakfast you can walk out the door with.

Overnight oats

If you like the convenience of chia seed pudding, but can’t handle the texture, you may want to try overnight oats. It’s basically the same concept since it just requires you to throw some oats, mashed banana, cinnamon, and some almond milk into a jar overnight, but the oats have a different texture and taste than the chia seeds. However, both of the options are able to be changed by whatever flavors and fruits you add, so they both make it into my fridge on a regular basis.

5 Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas Under 5 Minutes

Can you think of any more quick healthy breakfast ideas you’d like to add to this list?! Let us know down below!
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