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25 Quick Facts You Probably Think Are True But Are Not

Quick facts are typically quick bursts of knowledge. These quick facts can be spread person to person, with no one ever questioning the validity of the statements, and even sometimes showing a lack of critical thinking skills. When you do not question what is being said, you can be told almost anything and you would believe it. I am going to prove this point by going through 25 facts you probably think are true but are not.

Cracking Your Knuckles Causes Arthritis

Cracking your knuckles is certainly not the best thing for your hands, however, there is no known link between crack your knuckles and arthritis. It is pretty annoying though…

Addiction Is A Choice

Listen, I am not saying this as a personal opinion or something. Although many times it begins with a choice, addiction is classified as a disease, medically speaking.

Iron Maidens

No not your favorite band. Iron Maidens, otherwise known as those body coffins with spikes which were supposedly used as a gruesome torture device. Turns out, it is nothing more than a hoax spanning multiple generations.

Einstein Flunked Math

Sorry, but Einstein never flunked math. Just think about it, it’s Einstein…

Napoleon Was Short

Napoleon, by today’s standards, is considered to be pretty short. However, for his time he was actually average, to above-average height.

You Can Not Touch A Baby Bird

First things first, most birds do not have an amazing sense of smell, so it can not even “smell the human” on their baby. Secondly, you think a mother bird is going to give up on her baby because a primate touched it?

Wet Hair In The Cold Will Make You Sick

All those times your mom would not let you go out as a kid were for nothing. There is no proof that shows wet hair in cold weather can make you sick.

Pluto Is A Planet

This one may seem obvious to the younger crowd, but there is an entire older crowd who still thinks Pluto is a planet. Trust your kid, he is right!

You Have Seen People Drink Beer In Commercials In The USA

Think hard, have you ever actually seen someone take a sip of alcohol in an alcohol commercial? The answer is no because it is actually against the law to show the consumption of alcohol in commercials.

Vaccinations Contain Mercury In 2020

Many people believe vaccinations contain a form of mercury called Thimerosal. Even though you can get 100x more mercury in the average tuna fish sandwich, Thimerosal was taken out of almost all childhood vaccines in 2001.

Vaccinations Are Linked To Autism

While we are on the topic of vaccinations, there have been numerous studies by numerous people, and there has been no proof that vaccines and autism are connected in any way. You can not “catch autism”, and that proposition is frankly uneducated and offensive.

Humans And Dinosaurs Coexisted

A big misconception is that cavemen coexisted with dinosaurs. However, we missed each other by over 60 million years. Lucky for those cavemen.

You Should Not Wake A Sleepwalker

Another misconception I constantly hear is about how you can not wake a sleepwalker. This is very not true, and can actually save them from hurting themselves more. Yeah, they will be confused, but it is better than a semi-conscious person aimlessly walking around…

Sleeping After A Concussion Is Dangerous

The old way people looked at concussions was that you should stay awake for a long time after the initial impact. However, more and more doctors are adopting the ideology that you should sleep after a concussion, and it actually makes sense. For example, if you sprain an ankle, they would not make you run a marathon to make it better. In the same sense, if the brain is injured, why would you make someone use their brain by being awake?

That Hamster You Had Was Dead

Most hamsters actually participate in hibernation. If you think your hamster is dead, check the temperature around its cage. If it is pretty cold, there is a good chance your hamster is just sleeping. Raise the temperature and wait a few days to see if it wakes up.

Bulls Hate Red

Bulls are colorblind. Literally, it took 2 seconds to Google.

The Bible Mentions Dinosaurs

The Bible, at no point, mentions dinosaurs. That just seems kind of weird.

See Also

The Apple In The Story Of Adam & Eve

While on the topic of The Bible, it never mentions that it was an apple. The actual fruit it was is a point of debate to this day.

Slaves Built Pyramids

Only special laborers were permitted to work on the pyramids, as opposed to slaves. Most even got the honor to be buried next to the pyramids.

The Color Orange Came Before The Fruit

Finally here to settle the middle school argument I had, the color orange was named after the fruit. Before orange was a color, it was simply lumped in with the color red.

Only Christopher Columbus Believed The Earth Was Flat

Plenty of people believed the world was round. In fact, Christopher Columbus thought the world was much smaller than it actually was.

Christopher Columbus Stepped Foot In North America

Another fact that is wrong is that Christopher Columbus stepped foot in North America, which he never did. He never stepped foot on anything we considered North America at that point, or in 2020.

Paul Revere Yelled That “The British Are Coming!”

I am sorry to tell you, but the famous “The British Are Coming!” never happened. He only told a few people who were in the need-to-know circle, and no one else.

Abner Doubleday Invented Baseball

One of the most controversial false facts, Abner Doubleday did not invent baseball, even though he was an early player of the game.

2 + 2 = 4

Finishing off strong, saying 2 + 2 = 4 is semi-correct, but still a very misleading expression when you think about it. For example, say I have two ice cream cones, and two Tesla Model 3’s. If I add the two ice cream cones to the two cars, do I get 4? You might say yes, it makes 4, but 4 what? The answer is it creates 4 of nothing. 2 + 2 = 4 is only correct when all the variables can be put into one unit, or category. Thus, 2 + 2 = 4 a relative truth, not an absolute truth.

Of all the quick facts included here, you can not tell me you did not at least believe one thing here. So, make sure to take your newfound knowledge, and educate your friends when they say false quick facts! Did I forget any false quick facts that are just wrong? If I did, let me know in the comments below!

Coby Cook

Senior at Central State University. Major in Broadcast Media!

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