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15 Quick Beauty Tips For Making The Most Of A Little

It’s Girls Night Out and you get that infamous “are you ready?” text – which leaves you in a panic, as you rush to finish your quick beauty routine. You’re nowhere near ready but still text back “Yes” – in the process of completing a half-hearted smokey eye. But isn’t perfecting your makeup stressful enough without the added bonus of doing it on time? Well, these 15 quick beauty tips for making the most of a little can help you alleviate that stress – by helping you get the perfect look for a whole lot less.

1. Lotion To Remove

If you can’t find your makeup wipes – or have simply run out – then using lotion as a quick beauty tip to remove is both easy and efficient. Not only that, but lotion works miracles on stubborn winged eyeliner, making your makeup just as fun to take off, as it was to put on. All that’s needed for this quick beauty tip is a gentle brand, such as Jergens or Dove, and a couple of Q-tips. Here, you can easily dab a small amount on one, and gently move it in a circular motion to clean up small mishaps.

2. Cotton Balls To Clean Up

Cotton balls work similar to Q-tips — but are a great quick beauty tip when it comes to bigger messes, such as eyeshadow. Here, you can easily remove a large amount of color in no time if it ends up going downhill. Not only that, but cotton balls are great for those with sensitive skin because of their soft texture.

3. Eyeshadow As A Filler

Your eyebrow appointment is long overdue, causing them to look anything but threaded. And to top it off, your current eyebrow pencil is on its last limb. What you can do, however, is use your eyeshadow as a quick beauty fix. All you have to do is pick the shadow that’s closest to the color of your brows, and use a small enough brush to lightly sweep it across your brows. This not only makes for a natural look but fills problem areas, ridding your brows of gaps.

4. Rubbing Alcohol For Break Outs

For those with oily skin, like me, rubbing alcohol may serve as your saving grace by removing excess oil and drying out your pores. While it might not be for everyone, a small amount can easily save you the trouble of dealing with pesky pimples, or worse, having to dab your face – of oil buildup – for the rest of the Girl’s Night Out. Just make sure that you go over all areas where you’re prone to break out – with a small amount – so as not to disrupt the natural oils of your face. This also serves as the perfect quick beauty tip for ensuring that your foundation sticks throughout the night.

5. Mix Lipsticks

Lipstick shades can be one of two things – they can either be beautiful or they can be disappointing. But even so, there’s no worse feeling than running out of your favorite color – and failing to realize until right before you have to leave the house. During emergencies like these, mixing two colors can serve as the perfect quick beauty tip to get the matte red you want. Just be sure that you hydrate your lips well beforehand with a small amount of chapstick or something similar. And be sure to put an equal amount of each color to get the best possible results.

6. Tape For Clean Wings

Creating the perfect wing can oftentimes be more work than it’s worth. But even so, wings are like a girl’s best friend — causing you to endure a lot together — no matter whether it be the good, the bad, or the ugly. In turn, free handing your cat eye can be fun, allowing you to create a wing with your own twist, but on the days where it’s not, stencils serve as the perfect remedy. Fortunately, one of the best quick beauty tip you can use is tape as a stencil- which can easily attach to the corner of your eye to ensure a straight wing – and gently rip off after application. This quick beauty tip can then save you time to put towards something else.

7. Old Mascara Brush For Brows

Typically, we toss our old mascara, at the first sign of longevity. But even the old can serve as the perfect quick beauty tip in all things new. So, next time before tossing your mascara as a whole, be sure and hold on to the wand. After soaking it in soapy water – and sterilizing it with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any remaining mascara, you can then use it to maintain your brows. After all, no one likes their brows to lay in disarray when they can easily be cared for in no time or less.

8. Falsies As Top Liner

A top liner can be beautiful, but other times it can be a hassle, like when it transfers to your brow bone, during the early drying stages. Not only that but when you add glitter to your top lid, this can greatly affect how smooth the application process may be. Falsies are one quick beauty tip that take away from this struggle by either throwing out eyeliner altogether – or only needing a very minimal amount. In other words, the bigger your lashes are the better because they alone can make your top lid pop with just a bit of mascara.

9. Brows Before Foundation

Sometimes it can be tricky deciding what steps to take first in your makeup routine. Everyone is different so it’s essential that you find the best quick beauty tips for you. Some people may do lipstick before eyeliner, or mascara before eyeshadow and so on. But one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to do foundation before brows. When doing brows before foundation, you allow yourself some wiggle room for mess-ups which you can easily clean up with a dab of foundation — or more — depending on whether or not you choose to do a full face.

10. Q-Tips For Border Breaks

Border breaks can be a mess — and occur when products work their way outside the lines. Whether they stem from your brows or your lips, an excess amount can be a pain to clean up. Q-Tips, however, work as a quick beauty tip for maintaining these outer edges – by easily maneuvering around the smallest of corners. In using these, you’ll find that you’ll spend way less time starting over.

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11. Thumb For Excess Lipstick

Lipstick looks great — until it stains your teeth, that is. In turn, you can’t help but hate the price that comes with a good matte red, whether it is the faded area at the innermost part of your lip or the excess amount that makes its way into your mouth. Fortunately, your thumb can lay all these problems to rest; all you need to do is position it between your lips, and make an O-shape while dragging it against the innermost part of your lip. In doing so, this quick beauty tip can pick up any excess product – that’s at risk of making its way onto your teeth.

12. Wash & Go

When you’re rushing and in-a-hurry, a good wash and go can prove to be the perfect quick beauty tip. Not only does this cut your time in half, but allows you to bypass making a decision on what look you’re trying to go for. Instead, you can go 100% natural, with very little upkeep, and embrace your hair as is.

13. Wet Down Your Foundation

Running out of foundation is a problem in and of itself. That can cause one of two things; It can either break you or it can challenge you. In unfortunate situations like these, all you need to do is use a little bit of water. Even if your bottle is running on empty this can make the most of the little bit that’s left – and make for a good last look.

14. Minimalism Is Key

Don’t ever feel pressured to wear too much makeup — or even too little. You may find several quick beauty tips intimidating, but, instead, focus on whatever is easiest and most comfortable for you, and find a happy medium. In other words, don’t feel obligated to wear a full face; even a little lipstick can go a long way.

15. Bare face

The quickest beauty tip of all time award goes to bare face. With this, you worry about zero makeup altogether and, instead, bare your natural beauty. The best part about this is that it allows your face to breathe, as opposed to wearing makeup daily — which can clog your pores if you’re not careful. This allows your skin time to renew itself so that it can be all the more ready for when it comes time to create your next look.

Makeup should never be a struggle. In turn, we hope these 15 quick beauty tips help you with your next look. Be sure to share, and let us know your favorite beauty secrets or quick beauty tips in the comments below!

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