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Quick And Easy Waterfall Braid Tutorial

The waterfall braid is a really easy hair style to do that looks effortless. It’s one of my favorite hair styles and it’s perfect for a day at the beach or an outing with your friends. It’s just a french braid with a little twist. Much easier than you would think, especially if you already know how to french braid.

How To:

First you grab a chunk of hair from the top of your head, to really make it look like your hair is cascading down. It should be about 1-2 inches big. Divide that into three pieces, so you can start braiding.

Begin normally french braiding your hair. You continue this for about couple inches, depending on when you want the waterfall effect to start.

When you decide to finally begin the waterfall, cross the top section over, so now it’s on the bottom, and then you just drop it. Pick up another small section of hair that’s close to it or next to it, and use that to braid. Repeat this step every time you cross over the top strand.

There are a few ways to end it. I stop mine when I reach the back of my head and secure it with a bobby pin. You can have waterfall braids on both sides of your head, and to bring them together simply weave them together in a classic braid. You can do also do one waterfall braid that goes around your head, and finish it was a small braid, and tie it off with a clear hair elastic.

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