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Quick and Easy Tips To Get Ahead Of The Trend And Save Some Money

Quick and Easy Tips To Get Ahead Of The Trend And Save Some Money

Everyone wants to be on top of the trends when they come out but how about knowing what they will be before hitting getting the shelves. We rely on very influential people to tell us when what is in but we no longer need to wait on them to decide what we need and when to get it. 

1. Luxury Brands

Since the dawn of time the high-end luxury brands have been incontrol of what trends are coming to light just as much as the influential people you see on your timeline whether that maybe on your Facebook or Instagram. Every season there is a new collection and that is because the high-end brands have fashion shows every time to showcase what will be out to the public as well as getting a chance to display their artwork. But you do not need to be invited to a Yves Saint Laurent fashion show to know what the next season will look like. After the brand has debuted the clothing you are able to take a look at all the looks on their very own website giving you the chance to put together an idea of what will be in that season.


2. Keeping Up 

At times there will be several collections as seasons begin to change but ideally the first release of that season will be followed by other collections that correspond to what has been released. This is an amazing way to see first hand what other stores will begin to release and allows you to put together some outfits for the upcoming season before it even has arrived so you could be extra stylish and prepared whatever season it may be. But also taking a look at prior collections over the last recent years can be a huge plus if you have the time and care about trends because you do not want to go spend money on something that will have no value in a few months. You are able to look at all brands prior collections and looks by simply doing a simple google search of whatever year trends you are interested in.

3. Some Retail Shopping 

Once you have an idea of what will be in that season it is a great idea to immediately go take a look and do some shopping. Some stores to consider such as Zara or online shops like ASOS do an amazing job at keeping up with the trends that are about to hit and both of these retailers offer reasonable prices that will make you want to spend some money. Zara on its own also holds numerous collections throughout the season making this a hot retailer that will keep you looking hot, sexy, and fly no matter what time it is. But these are not the only places to go get clothes that will be in trend, now that you know what to look for the best thing to do is visit your local thrift shop or if you feel like being boujee take a flight to Rodeo, Los Angeles where you could indulge in some luxury retail therapy. Trust me when I say that the thrift shop is the holy grail of shopping on a budget that will keep you in the loop.


4. Thrift Shop Shopping

As someone who never considered the thrift store a place where I would shop, I constantly go back to scout any pieces that are in trend as well as looking for some quality items that you would have no idea you could find for cheap. Buying off-season is a smart thing to do when you are familiar with the trends of the fashion industry. Mainly trends will come in and out so buying items with a certain style that already have been out for some time are a great way to stay ahead because it is a very high chance they will make a comeback in the near future and you will not regret purchasing the item off season for half off and then saving it for when the time comes.

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5. Don’t Throw Out Trendy Clothes 

If you have clothes that were once in trend, do not throw it out. You might think that you have no idea when it will come back or whether you should keep it because it is old but whatever the reason maybe I recommend keeping it. The majority of the time trends all originate from an original look so that means they are likely to continue making an appearance throughout our life time so why throughout a vintage jacket that was once trendy? If it is more than likely to make a return. Over a year ago I did some shopping and kept only the things I knew were worth keeping and today they are making a comeback with brands releasing lookalikes to the clothing I already own. By saving my favorite pieces I get to stay in trend and save a lot of money which is a huge plus and many would love to have some extra money left over to have a good time.

6. Deciding What to Keep

The best way to decide if something is worth keeping is looking at how often that style or item has made a comeback to the fashion world. Leather for an example will always be a staple and an investment where you could never go wrong because it is guaranteed that it will always be in no matter what season it is. Unlike that bright pink tie-dye hoodie that will be out on the sale rack once the trend is over is not worth your dollar and sometimes the trendy clothes you need might be sitting in your dad’s closet which if you borrow is free and will make a statement in any season.

We all love to look on point and be stylish but It is important to be aware of what is in and out and what is worth it and not so you do not go running around wasting your hard earned money on something that will no longer be of any use to you once the season is done. Make sure to share with your friends and comment below what you think!