5 Quick And Easy Breakfast In Bed Ideas For Mothers Day

So it’s Mother’s Day morning and your mum still loves the traditional breakfast in bed, but you have work and don’t have time to waste whipping up a storm in the kitchen. Don’t worry I’ve got your back with these five quick and easy breakfast in bed ideas, sure to get mum’s tick of approval.

1. Yogurt Muesli Jars

Now, this is a super quick breakfast in bed idea, and the best thing is it involves zero cooking. To make this dish look super cute and like you’ve put some effort in, buy some glass jars to put the yogurt in. Once you’ve filled the jars with yogurt, top them with some muesli and add a touch of colour with mum’s favourite fruits.

5 Quick And Easy Breakfast In Bed Ideas For Mothers Day

2. Breakfast High Tea Platter

All you need to pull off this breakfast idea is some cute fine china or preferably a cake stand and some cakes. Buy a few of mum’s favourite cakes and biscuits, which I suggest is done the day before if you’re looking to achieve a fast and simple breakfast in bed. Then complete this breakfast by placing the cakes on the fine china or stand. Once this is done win mum’s heart with a nice cup of tea, and then it’s safe to say your all good to go. Oh, that’s unless you didn’t forget the jam in the kitchen.

5 Quick And Easy Breakfast In Bed Ideas For Mothers Day

3. Pre-Made Pancakes

Now it’s no secret that pancakes aren’t the most time-consuming breakfast option. However, if you need to get this breakfast in bed done asap, the idea of standing around flipping pancakes may sound time-consuming to you. For a quicker option, why not buy pre-made pancakes from the supermarket and heat them in the microwave before serving. To impress mum even further, include a selection of her favourite toppings in little bowls to serve with the pancakes, she’s your mum, of course, she should be spoilt for choice.

5 Quick And Easy Breakfast In Bed Ideas For Mothers Day

4. Toasted Croissant With Coffee

Now, we are talking quick and easy right so there’s no need to get your baking hat on here. Just go down to your local bakery or supermarket and purchase some croissants. Fill the croissant with your mum’s favourite fillings and stick the croissant in the sandwich maker for a lightly toasted edge. Whilst the croissant is toasting away, why not make the most of this time and make your mum a coffee, nothing completes a breakfast in bed like a good caffeine fix.

5 Quick And Easy Breakfast In Bed Ideas For Mothers Day

5. Microwavable Eggs With Smashed Avo On Toast

No, a frypan isn’t the only way to cook your eggs if you’re looking for a faster alternative opt for microwaveable eggs. Depending on how your mum likes her eggs for breakfast, you can do a quick internet search and find many recipes on how you can achieve the desirable microwave eggs. To make this breakfast in bed look like restaurant quality add toasted bread on the side with smashed avocado, if your mum wishes. Along with this add a glass of your mum’s favourite fruit juice, you may be going for a quick breakfast in bed, but you still want to look like you’ve put some thought into it right.

5 Quick And Easy Breakfast In Bed Ideas For Mothers Day

There you go: my five quick and easy breakfast in bed ideas to win over mum’s heart on mothers day. To make it extra special why not add some fresh flowers on that breakfast tray and a heartfelt card. To say the least, she’s your mum she deserves a day filled with admiration. If you have any quick breakfast in bed ideas that I haven’t included, I would love to hear. Just comment below!

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