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Quick And Cute Hairstyles For Curly Girls To Try

Quick And Cute Hairstyles For Curly Girls To Try

From one curly girl to another, it is no surprise that summer can be challenging for natural hair. At times, it might even seem like humidity is inevitable and the only way to deal with it is to throw your hair up into a bun. That doesn’t always have to be the case, you can still wear plenty of cute hairstyles! The hairstyles listed below will help combat this exact problem, along with a few others. It’s time to free and embrace those beautiful locks.

1. High Ponytail

Some days you just want to get your hair out of your face. There’s a good chance you still want it to look cute and stylish though, right? With this high ponytail, you can either dress it up or down. All you have to do is gather your hair up into an ultra-high ponytail at the crown of your head, securing it with a scrunchie.

It’s that simple! If you want it to look a certain way or feel the need to tweak it, stick a few bobby pins here and there until you get your desired look. Cute hairstyles like this one go a long way, they may even make you feel as though you just stepped out of the salon. 


2. Space Buns

This adorable hairstyle would be perfect for a day at the beach or some sort of summer party. Not only that, but it is relatively easy to do and pull off, even for those who have shorter hair. First, evenly split your hair into two sections. After brushing over each section with the product of your choice (mine is gel), create two high ponytails. If you’re not a fan of having your hair split into two high buns, you could always make them lower.

Now that you have your two ponytails, wrap each around itself to form a bun shape. Use bobby pins to secure the buns and voila!


3. Half-Up Bun

If you’re looking for a quick and easy hairstyle that incorporates two classics and is also super cute, this is the one for you. First, apply whatever products you like to your hair in order to style it and define your curls. This will lock in moisture and keep the hairstyle intact all day long. Next, section off your hair by leaving most of it down, grabbing how much or how little hair you want (depends on how big you want the bun to be) at the crown of your head, pulling it into a ponytail.

Then create the bun by wrapping the ponytail around itself. If you want this hairstyle to appear more classy, you could brush the ponytail back for a sleek look instead of a more casual one. The choice is yours!

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4. Trendy Braided Sleek Ponytail

Cute hairstyles like this one are chic and bold enough to make a serious statement. It might require a little more work than the others but the finishing result will leave you feeling plenty satisfied. Find out how to spice up your everyday ponytail here. The video will walk you through step-by-step, making for a clear and easy to follow tutorial.


5. High Messy Bun

It’s a classic, simple, and quick style for all hair types. You can never go wrong with a messy bun! All you have to do is throw your hair up into a loose ponytail and secure it into a bun, whether that be with another hair tie or a couple of bobby pins. It’s also up to you to decide if you want the bun to be loose or tight. You can even pair it with a headband or accessories of your choice, adding more depth and style to it. Simple as that.

What are your thoughts on these cute hairstyles? Let us know your favorites down below!

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