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41 Questions We Still Need Our Moms To Answer

Somehow, our moms know everything. Everything about us, our lives, our jobs, and they always have an answer for our ridiculous questions. Moving away from your mom makes you realize how many things she actually did for you and how many questions you now have for her. Believe it or not, you have no idea how to adult without your mom around. Keep reading for 41 questions we still need our moms to answer!

1. Is my vagina supposed to do that?

Face it, you’re terrified every time you feel something down there and you immediately call your mom to figure out if you’re dying or not.

2. Can you put money in my account? PLEEEASE??

We are all broke and shopping the sale section of Forever21 without our mothers, we need money!

3. When does this expire?

Like really though, when does cheese go bad? How about bread and butter? Broccoli?

4. Am I supposed to wash colors in warm or cold water?

Sooooooo, what will actually happen if I just wash my whites and colors in all warm water? Like, it can’t be that bad, right?

5. Will you call and make this appointment for me?

Moms have a no fear of phone calls to doctors so duh; mom should just make my appointment for me! Might as well be over-dramatic and maybe she’ll pity me and send me a cute “get well soon” care package.

6. Does beer expire?

So, like I’ve had this beer for a while now and it’s a little warm, will it kill me?

7. What is business casual?

Mom knows exactly what to wear to every single occasion, it’s always safe to ask so you don’t show up to a meeting looking like you have a meeting at 2:00 and a tiki party at 3:00.

8. How do I know when this is done cooking?

Moms cook for us because like, um, they’re just supposed to so, how in the hell am I supposed to know that a steak needs to be marinated and cooked on said temperature for said amount of time??

9. How am I supposed to sign an email?

I need this to look super professional and grown up, so, I’ll make mom figure it out for me.

10. Is this lump on my body normal? Or am I going to die soon?

We’ve all experienced the weird boob bumps and thought we had cancer and ran to our mothers screaming before. No doubt.

11. How far will my car reeeeally go on E?

I’m like 99% sure I could drive to India from here but, mom will know for sure.

12. Can a tampon get lost inside of me?

Like what are the chances?? Moms always know and they are always there to promise that you won’t get TSS despite the warning labels on the tampon box.

13. How do I know when eggs expire?

I can’t even see inside of them. They’re so mysterious but yet, mom knows exactly when to throw them away.

14. Can I wash towels and clothes together?

Sure maybe towel lint will get on my clothes but, I can still do it right? It’s such a waste of time to do two whole loads of laundry. UGH.

15. How often should I change my razor blade?

First off, do I really even have to shave??


16. Coffee isn’t unhealthy, right?

Moms always always have coffee so why didn’t they tell us how bad it hurts your belly and that it can potentially give you a gut? Oh, maybe mom didn’t put a cup of creamer and a cup of sugar in hers…

17. Am I republican or democratic?

How do I decide? Moooommmmm, help meeee…what do they mean???

18. How do you cook?

So far, I can make mashed potatoes out of a box, popcorn, and ramen. So, how do I cook like momma does?? Nothing ever tastes the same as the way a mothers cooking tastes.

19. Do I actually have to wash my jeans?

Mom always has a load of just denim but like, why can I never have enough for a full load? So, do I really even need to wash them? Can’t I just put them in the freezer like the rest of the DIY hipsters do?

20. How do I fill out an absentee ballot?

Moms can just do this stuff for you right? Go ahead and vote for me while you’re at it, mom!

21. What’s my social security number?

Mothers are true blessings because not only do they memorize their own SS# but they also remember yours, their spouses, and all of your siblings. Moms literally have the power to destroy the entire family. So much power!!!

22. Is my pee normal?

Is it too yellow? Does that mean I should start actually drinking water? Moms know exactly what pee should look and smell like considering they changed our diapers for years.

23. How do I mail a package?

Our moms send us packages all the time just to be cute and show us that they’re thinking of us but literally, what the hell?? You have to provide a box, tape, and stamps? How does this even work?

24. How exactly do you pay for a speeding ticket/can you pay for me?

We all screw up and break the law at some point, it’s just easier to make mom deal with.

25. Do I have a lawyer?

Is moms lawyer the same lawyer as mine? Like do you just get grandfathered in to the law office? Can I just pawn my problems off onto my mom and let her lawyer deal with them?

26. Is dad mad at me?

Moms are the only ones who know the answer to this question. Dads are so passive aggressive that our only hope is to send mom into the war zone and have her figure out what we did wrong.

27. Does this outfit match?

We are all guilty of facetiming our moms or sending pictures to ask if we match and/or look good! Even though we hated when they dressed us when we were little, we really wish they could come over and dress us every day now.

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28. Will you give me gas money? PLEEEEASEEEE?

Basically we go to our moms for any form of money for any reason.

29. Do you love me?

Right after we do something extremely stupid it’s always a good idea to ask mommy why she loves us.

30. Is it normal for one of my boobs to be bigger than the other?

Moms are boob gurus. They’ve lived with boobs longer than we have so they automatically know everything about them.

31. Do I have insurance?

I feel like insurance is just one of those things are parents provide us with and that we have no idea how to handle.

32. Will you go to the tag office for me?

I have never in my life stepped into the tag office. My mom hands me my sticker and my registration and that’s all there is to it. I don’t even know how to get to the office.

33. Does makeup expire?

Moms are forever telling us to throw out our mascara every few months but I can never remember when to do it. It’s easier to call her and ask if I should throw something away.

34. How do I write a cover letter?

Yet again, MOM can you just do this for me???

35. Why won’t dad answer his phone?

Moms keep tabs on their babies, dad being one of them. She always knows where he is and why he isn’t answering.

36. Do you like my siblings more than me?

There’s always that sibling rivalry and the minute you’re alone with your mom you have to ask her who her favorite is!

37. Should I really change my sheets weekly?

Moms are forever doing laundry, including the weekly load of sheets. But, is that something I really need to do? Like, are bed bugs drawn to dirty sheets?

38. How many times a week is it acceptable to eat pizza?

In my opinion, pizza is a 24/7 thing but, mom would totally disagree.

39. How do I clean the toilet?

Moms have major balls to be able to reach in the toilet and actually touch where their children pee.

40. Do you think this boy likes me?

When we were little it was embarrassing to tell our moms about our crushes but now we call them and tell them every detail and beg them for advice.


Literally, every single day we ask our moms this. They know how to do literally everything so why can’t they just do everything for us!

Do you have more questions we still need our moms to answer? Share in the comments below!
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