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10 Questions We Have About The Bachelorette Filming In Quarantine

10 Questions We Have About The Bachelorette Filming In Quarantine

Traditionally, filming for The Bachelorette begins shortly after the most recent season of The Bachelor concludes. The Season 16 Bachelorette will be Clare Crawley, the runner-up of Juan Pablo’s Season (which aired six years ago). As I said previously in my article “10 Notable Events and TV Shows Affected By The Coronavirus“, filming for Season 16 of The Bachelorette was set to begin on Friday, March 13th, but was put on hold indefinitely as a result of the coronavirus pandemic getting worse.

After months of delay, Clare’s Season of the Bachelorette has already began filming and is expected to conclude in late August. As Reality Steve, the blogger who has all of the spoilers for all The Bachelor franchise shows stated in a June 26 tweet: “I’m hearing that Clare, cast, & crew will arrive in Palm Springs, CA around July 9th/10th, everyone will be quarantined for a week, then filming will begin around the 17th.”

With Season 16 of The Bachelorette currently filming, there are a lot of questions that Bachelor Nation Fans have about how everything will be handled. All of the questions we have about the Bachelorette filming during the coronavirus pandemic that are featured in this article are mix of things that we already know and things that we won’t have the answers too until Clare’s Season premieres.


Now, with all of that information being said, here are 10 Important Questions that Bachelor Nation has About The Bachelorette Filming in Quarantine: 

1. Where Will Clare’s Season of The Bachelorette Be Filmed At?:

From Reality Steve’s tweet on June 26 (part of it was quoted above in the introduction), he stated: “I’m hearing that Clare, cast, & crew will arrive in Palm Springs, CA around July 9th/10th, everyone will be quarantined for a week, then filming will begin around the 17th. The resort where the whole season will be filmed, I believe, is the Ritz Carlton Rancho Mirage.”

However, on July 8, the blogger posted an update about Bachelorette filming on Twitter, stating that this season would be filmed at La Quinta Resort & Club, not at the Ritz Carlton Rancho Mirage. The photo below is a screenshot of another tweet that Reality Steve posted that captures what La Quinta Resort & Club looks like. Unlike most seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, which take eight weeks to film; production for Clare’s season will only be five weeks long. 


10 Questions We Have About The Bachelorette Filming In Quarantine

2. Where Will The Suitors Go After Being Eliminated?:

Given the current pandemic and not wanting spoilers to get out, do you guys think they’ll make the guys who get eliminated go home or stay at a different part of the resort?

3. What Will Become of The Concert Dates?:

Over the years, Concert Dates (whether they happen on a one-on-one date for just the couple or in front of fans) have become a stable fixture in The Bachelor Franchise. The video below is from the concert portion of Hannah’s one-on-one date with Tyler Cameron last season.


However, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is obvious that if any concert dates happen during Clare’s Season of The Bachelorette, there will be no screaming fans in attendance. If the private concert dates happen, will they happen via Zoom or just from really far away? 

4. Will The Drama Be Heightened This Season Because Are Stuck Inside of a Bubble-like Environment Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic?:

Given, the bubble-like environment of this season of The Bachelorette, will the drama be heightened as a result? Although it will likely not happen, given the (apparently still) bad blood between Clare and Juan Pablo (check out the video below of Clare epically telling the controversial Bachelor Lead off (due to the comment Galavis reportedly told her off-camera during their final date) after he rejected her at the final rose ceremony), will the producers get Juan Pablo to make an appearance on her season to stir things up?

5. Which Men Will Make The Cut For Week 1?:

Just like they did right before Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette began filming last year, ABC released photos of 32 potential contestants who could be part of this year’s Bachelorette Cast. However, after production was suspended (which reportedly occurred just hours before Crawley was supposed to meet her suitors at Bachelor Mansion) due to the coronavirus pandemic got worse, both Crawley and Bachelor Franchise Host Chris Harrison stated that some of the men already cast for Season 16 of The Bachelorette might change due to the production delay.


On July 15, ABC released an updated cast list containing 42 potential contestants. As US Weekly noted: “Of the 42, 25 of them are new names and 17 of the men are from the original cast announcement in March.” However, only 30-32 will make the final cut for Night One (The Bachelorette casted extra men just in case someone tested positive for coronavirus). If you want to know which men didn’t make the cut (some have already spoken on social media) for Season 16 of The Bachelorette, click here to find out.

6. On The First Night, Will The Guys Still Be Arriving In Limos?:

On night one of either The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, contestants arrive in limos to meet the lead. However, as Season 16 is being filmed at La Quinta Resort & Club, will the men still do the limo entrances? Or will they walk up to Clare from afar or even arrive up to meet her in golf carts?

10 Questions We Have About The Bachelorette Filming In Quarantine

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7. What Will Contestants Be Able To Do When They Are Not On Dates?:

As past contestants of The Bachelor Franchise have revealed, they are not allowed out of the hotel or Bachelor Mansion whenever they are not on dates with the lead. However, with the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures, will contestants on Clare’s season be allowed to go out and do activities at La Quinta Resort like golf and swimming? Or will they be confined to their hotel rooms without any access to electronics? 

10 Questions We Have About The Bachelorette Filming In Quarantine


8. How Will Hometown Dates Work For The Final Four Men Left?:

The coronavirus pandemic will change how hometown dates (which take place with four suitors remaining) are done on The Bachelorette this season. Therefore, one the biggest questions that all of Bachelor Nation has is how hometown dates will be handled. Will Clare and her guys meet their potential in laws via Zoom? Or will they fly the families of the final four contestants in and have Clare meet her suitors’ families with proper social distancing measures?

10 Questions We Have About The Bachelorette Filming In Quarantine

9. How will The Men Tell All and After The Final Rose (AFTR) Episodes Be Filmed?:

Will both episodes be filmed via Zoom, just like how the interviews for The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever are being done?


10. When Will Clare’s Season of The Bachelorette Air?:

Had the coronavirus pandemic not happened, production for Season 16 of The Bachelorette would have begun on March 13 and conclude in early May. This season’s original premiere date was supposed to be May 18, 2020.

However, as filming for Clare’s season only began on July 16-17, the premiere date for her season will be sometime during the fall. As of July 23 (the day that this article was written), ABC has yet to release the exact premiere date for The Bachelorette. Despite this, one thing we do know is that whenever Clare’s Season of The Bachelorette airs, new episodes will air on Tuesday nights instead of its regular Monday timeslot. 

Along with the questions above, what other questions do you have in regard to how Season 16 of The Bachelorette will be filming during the coronavirus pandemic? Be sure to leave us your questions about Bachelorette filming down below in the comments section!

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