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10 Questions We All Want To Ask The University of Delaware Transportation/Bus System/Parking Situation

Everyone at the University of Delaware knows the parking and transportation system here could use quite a bit of improvement. Here are some questions students are dying to ask (but never actually would) them.

Do Any Buses Actually Arrive on Time?

It’s an age-old tale. You get to the bus stop a couple minutes early just for the bus to arrive nearly ten minutes late. The next day you arrive right on time and it turns out the bus came 3 minutes ago. Is there a way to catch the bus reliably without wasting your time? Debatable.

What Happens to the Buses That Disappear From the Map?

Have you ever tried to catch a bus that says it’ll be at your stop in 10 minutes and by the time you get to the stop, the bus has disappeared from the map on your phone, like it never even existed? Yeah. My question is, why do they disappear? Are bus drivers switching shifts? Are they on break? Did the Bermuda Triangle suddenly move to Delaware? The world may never know.

Is There A Reason That Buses Either Come 2 Minutes Apart or Half An Hour Apart With No In-Between?

Theoretically, buses should be pretty evenly spaced apart, so you never have to wait too long for a ride. But it always seems like there will be 3 buses at your stop within the next ten minutes, or there won’t be another one for a half hour. You may as well walk at that point.

Do Bus Driver’s Purposefully Brake Hard When There Are A Bunch of People Standing Up?

The bus drivers do great work, and we’re all very grateful for them, especially when winter hits. But it just seems like they increase the joltiness of their driving  on purpose when there are a bunch of students standing, holding on to the support handles for dear life. I’ve seen multiple people almost go flying across the bus.

Is There Any Way We, As A Community, Could Decide That A Seat on A Bus Isn’t Worth Pushing and Shoving Over?

Look, I get it. We all just got out of class and there’s a whole wave of us who just want to go home. But shoving people aside and practically fighting people over a spot on the bus is a little extreme. Let’s all just decide to be civilized and wait for our turns like respectful human beings.

How Much Money Do You Make Annually From Parking Tickets and Meters?

Practically everyone I know with a car on campus has gotten at least one (usually multiple) parking ticket(s). Even if they aren’t that expensive, there are a lot of people on this campus daily. Campus parking services must make a fortune off of parking tickets alone, not to mention the constant flow of people paying to park everywhere on campus.

Are There Any Parking Spots on Campus That Are Both Free and Convenient?

If you’re lucky, you can find a parking space near where you need to be. Or maybe you can find a free parking space, which is rare. But never both.

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As the School Continues to Grow, Will There Be More Parking Spots Built or Will We Just Fight Over Spots?

With people already so desperate for parking, and plans of the school to grow as most colleges do, what will we do about parking? Will freshmen not be allowed to have cars on campus? Or we will have to compete for parking spaces like it’s the Hunger Games? May the odds be ever in your favor.

After Paying for Tuition, How Much Money Do You Think We Have Left Over for Parking?

I understand that there need to be incentives to not permanently park your car in a space that is meant to be shared. But college students are notoriously broke. Paying a couple bucks for parking here and there eventually adds up.

Are You Working with Uber to Convince Us Not to Drive?

With the number of students who either don’t bring cars to campus or who choose not to drive to a certain place because of a lack of parking, Uber must be thriving on campus. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have the app on their phone.

Any University of Delaware students ask these questions to themselves? Let us know in the comment section below!

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